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February 15, 2012 10:00 ET

Chiropractor in Grand Rapids Gives Focus to Massage Therapy as Pain Relief Option

GRAND RAPIDS, MI--(Marketwire - Feb 15, 2012) - Peak Performance Chiropractic announced that the practice provides massage therapy as part of its comprehensive wellness services for natural pain management and injury healing. According to chiropractor Dr. Michael Kwast, massage treatments may help the body heal faster following an injury and can also provide natural relief for back pain and neck pain. Massage is part of the Grand Rapids practice's integrated approach to wellness, which includes spinal adjustments and nutritional counseling.

Grand Rapids patients who need help managing chronic pain or healing after a sports injury have a new, all-natural treatment option. Chiropractor Dr. Michael Kwast announced that Peak Performance Chiropractic offers massage. According to Dr. Kwast this natural, conservative treatment helps relieve musculoskeletal pain while promoting internal healing.

"Therapeutic massage treatments have made a tremendous difference for our patients' well-being," Kwast said. "Combined with chiropractic adjustments, massage treatment helps to enhance neck and back pain relief while speeding internal healing. We strongly recommend this treatment for any patients searching for long-lasting pain relief."

When the body is injured, lactic acid and toxins can build up in the soft tissues and muscles. According to Dr. Amanda Pratt, this build-up can block healing, leading to the formation of scar tissue.

"Injured muscles can lock stress and tension deep in the fascia, exacerbating pain," Pratt said. "During a massage treatment, the physical act of kneading sore muscle tissue helps promote the flow of oxygen-rich blood, flushing out toxins from the muscles."

During massage therapy, a patient's body also experiences physiological changes. Heart rate and blood pressure naturally decrease, as do the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that leads to premature aging, weight gain and may increase the risk of long-term health problems.

"A massage feels good because it does the body good," said Dr. Marc Lindhout. "In addition to relieving pain and promoting healing, massage also helps the body naturally manage stress. Overtime, daily stress can become locked in the body, trapping tension and anxiety in the muscles. Massaging the body relaxes this tension while also increase the level of endorphins, Mother Nature's painkiller."

The practice's licensed massage therapist is experienced with a variety of massage techniques, including traditional Swedish massage, myofascial release, sports massage, soft tissue and deep tissue. Depending on a patient's injury or source of pain, the massage therapist will work closely with the attending chiropractor to create a completely custom complementary treatment program.

A treatment session usually lasts between 25 and 55 minutes, depending on a patient's wellness needs. Pressure is applied to different points of tension and injury, such as the shoulders, low back or legs.

Dr. Ryan Klier emphasized that massage is a critical component of any rehabilitation or back pain relief program. "Patients who incorporate massage into their treatment program typically recover faster than those who do not."

Prospective patients who would like to learn more about the benefits of massage may do so by visiting the practice's website,

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