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November 13, 2011 10:15 ET

Chiropractor With Rochester Hills Chiropractic Center Attends Professional Conference

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI--(Marketwire - Nov 13, 2011) - Dr. Ron Fried Chiropractic & Wellness Center announced that Dr. Ron Fried attended the Michigan Board of Chiropractic meeting. The meeting approved new analytic instruments and physical measures for correcting subluxations. Analytic instruments, including X-rays and biofeedback machines, are used to accurately diagnosis a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system and joint dysfunction. Approved physical treatments include massage, mobilization, cold and heat therapies, decompression therapies, and rehabilitative exercises. Dr. Fried offers many of these treatments at his chiropractic and wellness center.

Rochester Hills chiropractor Dr. Ron Fried announced that he attended the Michigan Board of Chiropractic meeting. The meeting discussed the adoption and approval of new analytic instruments and physical measurements for identifying subluxations, as well as approved physical treatments for restoring alignment to the musculoskeletal system.

The Michigan Board of Chiropractic is a regulatory body responsible for setting professional care and licensing standards. The recent meeting drew hundreds of attendees from across the United States.

"Attending the Michigan Board of Chiropractic meeting was a wonderful opportunity to discuss current chiropractic care practices with leading chiropractors," said Dr. Fried. "The Board also formally recognized a number of important diagnostic and treatment techniques that are essential for helping patients safely recover from musculoskeletal injuries."

The Board formally approved diagnostic techniques for identifying subluxations in the spine. A subluxation is a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system, such as a herniated or slipped disc. According to Dr. Fried, an undiagnosed subluxation is often the cause of back pain, neck pain, headache and other chronic pain. New diagnostic techniques allow chiropractors to precisely locate these subluxations.

Approved analytic instruments include the electric infrared thermograph, which creates a quantitative image of the surface temperatures of the body, and muscle strength evaluation devices. These devices help determine muscular weakness that may be caused by nerve irritation, and can result in greater weakness on one side of the body relative to another side.

"These diagnostic techniques are invaluable for precisely and accurately determining the location of a subluxation," said Dr. Fried. "I am proud to offer my patients the latest diagnostic tools, which greatly enhance treatment outcomes."

The Board also approved physical treatment measures, including massage, mobilization, heat and cold therapy, laser therapy, electrical current stimulation, and decompression therapy.

"These treatments offer a range of important benefits to patients, including promoting internal healing, enhancing pain relief, and restoring proper alignment to the musculoskeletal system," said Dr. Fried. "Many patients may not be familiar with all these treatments, such as electrical current stimulation. This cutting-edge treatment uses interferential current to directly target damaged cells, promoting internal healing on the cellular level. The Board's formal adoption of these treatments for use by a chiropractor is an important step forward for providing patients with access to the highest quality care."

Dr. Fried offers electrical stimulation therapy, as well as massage therapy, physical therapy and sports medicine at his Rochester Hills practice.

Individuals who wish to learn more about these treatments may do so by visiting Dr. Fried's website,

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