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April 23, 2014 12:09 ET

ChitrChatr Communications to Combat Mobile Data Limits and Extend Battery Range for Smartphone Users

MONTREAL, QC--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2014) - ChitrChatr Communications Inc. ("ChitrChatr") ( (OTC Pink: CHICF) (PINKSHEETS: CHICF) (CSE: CHA) (FRANKFURT: CA9) (ISIN: CA1701771091), developer of the Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) announces a process to combat mobile data limits and associated overage charges for mobile users by consolidating multiple connections of numerous types of services into one connection using a highly optimized and lightweight protocol. By reducing system resource load it will reduce battery load, thereby extending battery range between charges.

Ever-increasing apps and services require access to the Internet. This means connecting to a mobile data network, either as part of a cellular plan or a pay-as-you-go plan which costs money, so it is sensible to try to reduce the amount of mobile data you use whenever possible. Even if a certain amount of data is included with a plan, there is usually a limit (unlimited data plans are increasingly rare and many have data limits), if you go beyond it; the charges start to mount up. ChitrChatr aims to reduce data consumption by consolidating multiple connections for several types of services into one connection using a highly optimized and lightweight protocol. This will effectively eliminate protocol overhead on a per connection basis. Additionally, all data that is sent and received via ChitrChatr will be compressed and encrypted which will also result in data savings.

ChitrChatr will enable unified communications by using an engineered protocol of the different services at the server side. Individual Apps such as Yahoo, WhatsApp, MSN, Google Hangouts, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Fringe, etc. are not required to be installed for ChitrChatr to work for their services. Using only ChitrChatr for all of your communications, will enhance the efficiency of system resource needs and reduces battery load.

ChitrChatr servers will trans-code from the optimized protocol into the native protocol used by different services. This will allow the ChitrChatr software to be installed to work with only one protocol for all services offered by ChitrChatr making it lightweight thereby enabling savings in battery life as well as data compared to individual services such as POP3, IMAP and XMPP.

About ChitrChatr
ChitrChatr's stock trades on 3 markets: in Canada on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the trading symbol 'CHA', in Germany on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA) under the symbol 'CA9', and in the United States on the Over The Counter Market (OTC) under the symbol "CHICF".

ChitrChatr -- The ultimate communications platform integrates and gives users voice/audio, video, conference calls, multi-protocol Chat services, Social Network Messaging, Text/SMS, Fax Services, and Email all rolled into one free messaging application. Subscribers only pay for calls made to mobile and PSTN telephones; several competitive, affordable subscription plans will be available.

Subscribers can take a detailed look into the features and operation of the ChitrChatr CUUCP on YouTube:

ChitrChatr is an ALL IN ONE communications application. The ChitrChatr CUUCP's ability is not limited or restricted by structure, or geographic location. Our powerful platform is unleashed for all subscribers to use on all platforms to easily and freely communicate with their contacts and networks regardless of how the communication is sent. 

The ChitrChatr technology is based on VoIP (Voice over IP) and uses internet services and data transmission, rather than the public circuit-switched telephone networks of land telephone lines, cellular networks and satellite service.

When a ChitrChatr subscriber logs onto the Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP), it will automatically log into all other accounts of the subscriber in services such as Yahoo, WhatsApp, MSN, Google Hangouts, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Fringe etc. The subscriber will be able to communicate with their contacts in all other platforms within ChitrChatr without having to log into each individual account. Screen sharing, sending and receiving file(s) will also be a feature available in the Instant Messaging window. The initial release of ChitrChatr is expected to include various languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Standard Hindi.

Features of ChitrChatr's CUUCP

Voice /Video
ChitrChatr's planned platform will feature chat and video calling, group messaging, conference calls, and text services all for free. It is not only a mobile messaging application; it can also be accessed from your desktop. ChitrChatr's Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform ("CUUCP") will allow you to communicate with another CUUCP user (on any platform) by instant messaging, audio or video conference calls.

No longer will you have to switch from WhatsApp, to Google Hangouts, to Facebook Messenger, to MSN, to Yahoo, etc., to send/receive messages to specific contacts. ChitrChatr will incorporate all your contacts on all your different chat and video calling applications under one umbrella, making it much easier to connect with contacts on different platforms. You will be able to obtain one or more phone numbers from over 65 countries and forward incoming calls to any other phone number, whether you are on or offline.

ChitrChatr email will incorporate all the features currently available on other platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and will allow you to receive emails from different email accounts into a consolidated ChitrChatr email management platform. You will be able to reply back from ChitrChatr using your incoming email account (i.e. Gmail) as a default for that particular reply. One sign in will allow you to reply, regardless of the platform.

Social Media
While setting up your ChitrChatr preferences, you will input all your social network sites. Every time you log into ChitrChatr, you will automatically be logged into all other social network sites and can easily be directed to your social media network of choice. If for example, a friend sends you a message through Facebook Chat, you will receive these messages in ChitrChatr and be able to reply back without having to switch applications.

One of the most unique features of ChitrChatr's text/SMS will be your ability to reply from a forwarded number with the recipient receiving your actual SMS number instead of the number from which you forwarded the message.

With a ChitrChatr phone number, you will be able to send and receive telephone, SMS/text, and faxes to and from that single number. When someone sends you a fax, the ChitrChatr system will identify it as a fax and allow you to send it to a fax machine via email as well as view the fax on your ChitrChatr app on your desktop or cell phone. As a subscriber, you will be able to choose your preferences while setting up your account.

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