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October 02, 2013 09:00 ET

ChoiceStream Launches Smart Retargeting

Augments Traditional Retargeting With Improved Performance and Better Brand Experience

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 2, 2013) - ChoiceStream, the top choice for brand and direct response advertisers driving performance through proprietary data, advanced targeting optimization and programmatic buying, today announced the launch of its' Smart Retargeting product. Aimed at improving the effectiveness of retargeting and providing consumers with a better brand experience, ChoiceStream's Smart Retargeting helps brands remarket their products to consumers after they leave their site. ChoiceStream's solution works alone or in coordination with traditional retargeting services.

Consumer surveys and marketing research indicate that traditional retargeting is effective for about two percent of today's site visitors, and only in the first hours after they leave a site. Beyond that immediate shopping window and for the other 98 percent of site visitors, more general offers and messaging are more effective. Smart Retargeting employs the full range of ChoiceStream optimization as well as the specific methods and practices needed to be efficient and effective after the immediate shopping activity lapses. The solution finds the audience that is truly interested and likely to return to make a purchase, and then reengages with custom designed branding and cross-sell offers. Another feature of the solution is the ability to automatically synch up with prospecting campaigns to continually refresh the retargeting pool.

"Traditional retargeting is a powerful tactic for retailers, but its success lies in winning over those furthest along the path to conversion," said ChoiceStream CEO, Eric Bosco. "Where ad budgets are wasted is in hitting the high percentage of consumers who leave a site with no interest or intent to purchase anything. Reaching consumers who simply won't convert is inefficient. ChoiceStream is making it easier for brands to effectively increase their conversion rates."

One advertiser using Smart Retargeting -- a major clothing manufacturer -- has seen a 60 percent increase in retargeting ROI and top-of-plan delivery of new customers through its' coordinated prospecting campaign.

"The ads expose an interesting range of products in optimal contexts. By doing so, they lead consumers back to a site to complete a sale or initiate a cross-sell. Further, by focusing on those most likely to be interested, it has been able to avoid the irritation that can be caused by over treating the retargeting pool," notes ChoiceStream Vice President of Marketing, Bill Guild.

Among the features of Smart Retargeting are:

  • Creative that converts: Creative or custom retargeting creative built by ChoiceStream's Creative Services Team that avoids the mechanical look and feel of traditional retargeting ads and supports the look and quality of a brand
  • Increased efficiency: ChoiceStream's proprietary data and unique optimization applied to retargeting enables advertisers to capture more conversions with less spend
  • Optimized engagement: Smart Retargeting optimizes the type of ad, the frequency of display, the placement, and the timing to gain the greatest advertising impact while avoiding the irritation of continual broadly delivered retargeting
  • Campaign integration: Beyond stand-alone retargeting, Smart Retargeting can be fully integrated with a prospecting campaign that continually repopulates the retargeting pool

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