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October 31, 2014 15:25 ET

Choose Energy Simplifies Electricity Shopping for Small Businesses

Small Business Offering Provides Relief in Choosing Lowest-Cost Energy Supplier

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 31, 2014) - Choose Energy, the nation's leading energy marketplace, announced today a small-business offering in New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania where small to mid-size business owners can shop for providers online to help them save time and money with their electricity plans. The new web-based platform allows business owners to securely compare offers and select a plan that best fits their needs in minutes.

By switching energy suppliers through Choose Energy, businesses can reduce their energy supply cost by 15 to 25 percent, compared to the default rate offered by their local utility.

"We understand that energy costs are often the largest expense for small businesses," Kerry Cooper, chief executive officer of Choose Energy, said. "Keeping that in mind, we've created an experience tailored to small business owners that allows them to save money by making a quick, yet informed, decision about their energy supplier. With no downtime during the switch, businesses can continue normal operations while making a supplier change that will affect their bottom line by saving money."

"The process is simple and straight-forward for busy business owners looking for a quick way to save on their energy bill," John Delaney, president of Englewood Flower Shop in Buffalo, said. "Instead of filling out a form and waiting for phone calls, I was able to sign up immediately and save between $500 and $1,000 annually on my electricity."

In developing the platform, Choose Energy commissioned a survey to examine the common concerns of small business owners when it comes to selecting a new energy provider. The results showed:

  • Nearly 30 percent of small businesses did not feel the savings justified taking a perceived risk when it came to switching providers
  • 22 percent of owners were concerned about receiving service that was worse than what their current supplier delivered and feared "teaser rates" that would only increase over time
  • 15 percent of business owners described current processes as too time consuming

The new Choose Energy marketplace for small business offers an experience to alleviate these concerns. The technology used in the platform creates information transparency and efficiency by removing the most inflated intermediary costs for customers, including:

  • Offering apples-to-apples price comparisons for energy providers
  • Excluding teaser rates
  • Combining price transparency and broker-free transactions

Choose Energy plans to launch its small business platform in all of its current markets by the first quarter of 2015. For more information about Choose Energy's small business offering, please visit

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