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December 13, 2010 11:35 ET

Choose How Much You Earn in 2011

Introducing Gold IQ's New Year's Resolution Tour (21.01.11 - 18.06.11)

KNIGHTSBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2010) - The tour consists of two types of events taking place throughout the UK; Market Intellect, a 1 day group workshop and Focused Trader, a 3 day group workshop. These workshops are designed to set traders on the right course to independently multiply their profits through trading. Those who attend this event have the opportunity to network with trading peers and experience first-hand training and education in theForeign Exchange and Commodity markets. We also demonstrate trade set-ups that take advantage of the correlations between the Foreign Exchange, Commodity, Stock and Bond markets.


Market Intellect:

Attendees of the 1 day event gain an understanding of the four corners of the market; Foreign Exchange, Stock, Commodity, Bond markets. They learn the different stages of a trader's psychology before, during and after a trade as well as Risk and Money Management principles. Ticket holders are invited to network with other traders and Gold IQ's head traders. They are provided with breakfast, lunch and a champagne reception at the end of the day.

Focused Trader:

This 3 day workshop expands on the Market Intellect day but additionally teaches attendees The Gold Standard Trading Method which can be applied to trading Foreign Exchange, Stocks or Commodities.They are trained in 3 money-makingstrategies that average between 60-100 pips per day. Each ticket holder is given a trading journal and a 12 week plan to ensure they remain on course after the workshop. During the event Gold IQ are trading live using their methods and strategies.

Gold IQ's New Year's Resolution Tour takes place from21st January 2011 to 18th June 2011 and is held in 7 cities over 16 dates; London, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Dublin and Edinburgh. For more information on our dates and locations go to

Those who benefit are individuals who seek to be financially self-reliant and especially those who have been particularly affected by government cuts and the economic climate.

Tickets are available online for customers to register their name and make a payment. Market Intellect costs £97.00 and Focused Trader costs £1495.00.

The workshops are run by Sophie Gold, Head Mentor and founder of Gold IQ formerly known as Teach and Trade. Sophie has been trading successfully for over 7 years and has developed a unique trading style that consistently wins 7 out of every 10 trades. She has been quoted in major investment publications such as Money Week and USP magazine as well as other online blogs and publications. As a professional speaker, teacher and mentor, she has successfully coached hundreds of people from varying backgrounds who all had one thing in common; an inability to consistently trade profitably until they were taught properly.

"Gold IQ is run by a powerful group who really prides themselves on taking anyone from a novice to an expert and provides them with a specialized plan that will help them reach their goals. MetaStock is very pleased to be a part of the solution that helps their clients reach their objectives."
Scott Brown
President of MetaStock

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