Christian Heritage Party of Canada

June 24, 2009 17:29 ET

Christian Heritage Party of Canada: 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop'???

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - Surely, the left over bumper stickers from this year's gay pride theme "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" can be re-used by the Government of Canada at election time u this time to remind Canadians of the depths to which the Conservatives will stoop to maintain power.

Conservative MP, the Honourable Diane Ablonczy, former special assistant to Reform Party Leader Preston Manning, has social and fiscal conservatives reeling. As Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism, her announcement to give $400,000 to Toronto's Gay Pride parade could only stun the staunchest Tory.

Last month 12,300 people participated in the 'March for Life' on Parliament Hill. Canadians in many other cities also participated within their city to raise awareness of the 3 million babies which have died through 40 years of abortion in Canada.

Leader of CHP Canada, Jim Hnatiuk says, "A truly conservative party would have considered spending a few million dollars on a nationwide ad campaign to promote perhaps... 'Adoption instead of Abortion'. Our 'conservative' government chose not to invest in Canada's future, which is our children. The current recession is having a devastating impact on many Canadian families. They struggle to provide food, shelter and clothing for their children. Yet, the Conservative government has taken money and invested it in public displays of lewd, sexual behaviour."

If social and fiscal conservatives ever want to change Canada's current course, they have to impact the popular opinion polls u that is the only thing that impacts those in power.

Hnatiuk continues, "There is a growing awareness among Canadian voters that CHP Canada is the only federal political party which won't cower from the tough questions and will provide Canadians with 'Better Solutions'."

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