November 28, 2013 06:22 ET

Christmas Spirit Returns to the Workplace as British Workers Get Ready to Party Hard This Festive Season

The average British worker will attend three Christmas do's this December - the average from 2007 to 2012 was one

A quarter of companies say they are going 'all out' to celebrate a bumper 2013 this Christmas

Too much partying comes at a cost as businesses are set to lose GBP 2.7 billion in lost productivity due to hungover workers

Workers in Swansea, York and Leeds are the biggest party animals

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Nov. 28, 2013) - Festive fun, fizz, frolics and food are back with a bang in the workplace this Christmas, as 76% of British workers get set to party hard this December. On average British workers are planning to attend three Christmas do's this festive season - a major increase on the average of one party between 2007 and 2012. These findings have been revealed in a new report out today by Travelodge.

The hotel chain, which has over 500 properties across the UK, surveyed 2,500 workers across the country to investigate their party plans for this festive season, in response to a significant growth in midweek bookings during December.

Findings revealed that is not just workers who are feeling a lot merrier this Christmas but company bosses are too, as a quarter of businesses (25%) have reported that they are going 'all out' to celebrate a jolly Christmas this year.

Workers in Swansea, Leeds and York are the biggest party animals, with the average worker heading to five parties this Christmas. Other locations likely to party hard this season are Essex, London, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle who will each attend four parties.

LocationAverage number of Christmas parties this year

Too much partying will come at a cost, however, as the research findings have revealed that December is set to be one of the least productive months in recent times. With the average worker attending three Christmas do's this festive season, bosses can expect their staff to waste three hours suffering from a hangover the following day. Across the month this equates to workers wasting an entire working day (nine hours) in a hungover state. In total, this means that businesses will be hit with a cost of £2.7bn in lost productivity this December (£900 million per party).

Further research findings revealed that a third of workers (33%) are expecting to drink so much that they will be out of control in front of colleagues, which is perhaps why one in ten (10%) have booked the rest of the week off after their work Christmas party.

With less than 5% of workers receiving any form of advice from their company about drinking sensibly, the Christmas party season promises to be a wild one for many, with the top ten antics being:

Top 10 Embarrassing Christmas Party Antics
1 Dancing embarrassingly or suggestively 24%
2 Telling a colleague what they think of their work 22%
3 Saying something they regret to the boss 19%
4 Sending drunken emails or text messages 18%
5 Having a sexual encounter with a colleague 14%
6 Not making it home 14%
7 Being physically sick at work the day after 12%
8 Injuring themselves and ending up in A&E 10%
9 Waking up in a different town or city 10%
10 Stripping or doing the 'Full Monty' 9%

As a result of so much partying this Christmas, 75% of workers expect to put on weight over the festive period, predicting it will take three months to shift on average. This comes as no surprise as the research shows that the average worker will eat two Christmas dinners before Christmas Day even comes around, the equivalent of approximately 4,500 calories in Christmas dinners alone. An incredible 15% say that they will eat their sixth Christmas dinner on December 25th, meaning a total calorie consumption of 9,000 calories in Christmas dinners.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said: "The work Christmas do is a great British tradition, and it's encouraging to see over three quarters of the nation's workforce getting into the festive spirit this Christmas, especially after a bleak couple of years.

"We can certainly feel that the Christmas spirit is back, as party animals across the country are planning ahead. We have experienced significant growth in room bookings for December compared to recent years, with Wednesday and Thursday nights being the most popular nights due to work Christmas parties taking place on these days. It's evident from our bookings data that British workers want to party hard this Christmas and by staying over at a Travelodge hotel they don't need to worry about a hefty taxi fare home."

Notes to editors:

The survey was conducted in December 2013 amongst a sample group of 2,500 working adults throughout the UK

The £2.7bn figure has been calculated via the following formula:

  • There are 29.84 million British workers.
  • 76% of workers are attending a Christmas work's party this year (76% of 29.84 million = 22,678,400).
  • The average partygoer is going to three Christmas parties this December, and will waste three hours at work being hungover for every party they go to = 9 hours wasted in December.
  • The average hourly salary is £12.76 (ONS).
  • £12.76 x 9 hours wasted = £118.84.
  • 22,678,400 x £118.84 = £2,695,101,056.

Notes to Editors:

Travelodge is the UK's leading budget hotel brand. It opened its first hotel in 1985 and today the Company operates 521 hotels across the UK, Ireland and Spain. This year, the Travelodge brand is benefiting from a £223 million investment to help further grow its business. This cash investment will help fuel growth, strengthen the Company's brand offering and ensure consumers obtain the best value in the marketplace.

As part of this expenditure, £77 million is being spent on refurbishing the Travelodge estate. On average 400 rooms are being refurbished every week. By autumn 2014, over 85% of Travelodge rooms will have been refurbished in line with the Company's new room design.

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