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Chronicle of Life Foundation - Save your memories forever

December 20, 2010 17:51 ET

Chronicle of Life Foundation Guarantees Personal Memories Forever

SANTA CRUZ, CA--(Marketwire - December 20, 2010) - Memories are most precious, but also most at risk of loss. That is why Chronicle of Life Foundation today launched its website, with a guarantee to preserve life stories and other digital memories forever. Users can use the service to keep a daily journal, capture the life of a loved one in text and photos, and record their memories of important events or periods in their lives.

Kai Pommerenke, one of the Foundation's directors, started the organization to accommodate a personal need: "Since the birth of my daughter, I've found myself wanting to let her and her future children know about our lives. Although many sites exist for writing your life stories or storing your photos, I couldn't find anything that could guarantee my stories and photos would be preserved for the long-term."

Another one of the Foundation's directors, Dan Friedman, uses the service to preserve the life story of his late father. Prof. Friedman, an economist at the University of California, explains that "my father died a couple of months ago. Instead of buying a tombstone in the cemetery, my sister and I are digitizing and uploading his favorite photos, poems, and stories of his life. It is like bringing flowers, but the digital files last longer. My grandchildren, and their grandchildren, will get to know him a bit by visiting"

Digital data is fragile. The Library of Congress recommends making two copies of all photos, keeping them in separate places, checking each one every year, and creating new copies every five years. To make it easier, Chronicle of Life created a trustworthy digital repository, thus making the promise of long-term data preservation credible for the first time.

Explains Pommerenke: "A trustworthy digital repository is an organization set-up to preserve digital data forever, which satisfies stringent requirements developed by the main research libraries in the world. Fortunately, one of our advisors co-wrote the report 'Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist.' As a result, we designed our technical, financial, and organizational infrastructure to last as long as human civilization."

Users make a one-time payment, starting at $10 for 10 MB of permanent storage space, enough for 1,000 text pages or 10 photos, and the Foundation guarantees the data forever. "You can also buy permanent storage space for others," says Pommerenke. "It makes a great gift for someone who already has everything."

Chronicle of Life Foundation today launched its website with a guarantee to preserve life stories and other digital memories forever.

Chronicle of Life Foundation was founded in 2008 with a mission to forever save people's life stories and personal memories, thus creating a chronicle of life. By preserving life stories and life lessons on its website at, the Foundation keeps a record of modern life and facilitates the sharing of life experiences across generations.

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