Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

November 27, 2012 09:30 ET

Chrysalix Global Network Formed

Alliance creates most active cleantech venture investor network in the world resulting in lower investment risk and superior fund performance

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 27, 2012) -

  • Global VC Network created to better address the global nature of the cleantech industry
  • Regional presence with global connections means better chance of success for portfolio companies and funds
  • Network members uniquely believe that "now is the time when clean energy investment is needed most"

Today marks the official launch of the Chrysalix Global Network (CGN), a premier alliance of independent, top-tier clean energy venture capital firms globally linked but each locally managed. Spanning three continents with the primary goal to better address the cleantech industry's global nature, the CGN initially consists of:

  • Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital ("Chrysalix EVC") covering North America - The most active global cleantech investor for the past two years with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Calgary, Alberta.
  • Chrysalix Sustainable Energy Technologies ("Chrysalix SET") covering Europe - Leading sustainable energy technology venture capital firm based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Grand River Capital Chrysalix ("GRC Chrysalix") covering Asia - A premier greentech private equity investor with headquarters in Beijing.

"Cleantech is a global industry yet early-stage venture capital doesn't travel well. You need feet on the ground to find and build great companies, but you also need to provide portfolio companies with global market perspectives to ensure they are ready to compete internationally. That and provide them with effective access to new geographies to scale up their manufacturing or to expand sales," remarked Wal van Lierop, President & CEO of Chrysalix EVC. "By creating a global network like this, each of us locally benefit from the joint resources, scope, and recognition of a big venture capital firm while maintaining the nimbleness and entrepreneurialism of a smaller one. Additionally, the CGN now enables us to assist our large global industrial Limited Partners (LPs) with their external innovation outreach in a consistent fashion around the world."

"For the past few years, we have come to realize that generating deal flow and hands-on company support is a local activity, yet technology and markets are an international play, especially in clean energy," said Rene Savelsberg, CEO & Managing Director of Chrysalix SET. "By building on our successful existing affiliation with Chrysalix EVC, we all are now able to offer the perspective of independent, globally-interlinked regional funds managed by experienced, local professionals - including in Asia. This alliance means we discuss strong local deal flow, share networks, and exchange industry knowledge and opportunities resulting in faster market expansion for our portfolio companies, lower investment risks, and superior fund performance."

"With China investing in green technologies at a pace three times that of the rest of the world, and with so many North American and European cleantech companies requiring effective Asian strategies, it made sense to join forces", said Eric Wang, Managing Partner of GRC Chrysalix. "By covering these three important continents, we're all now able to offer our entrepreneurs and investors the best possible ecosystem for success."

About the Chrysalix Global Network

The Chrysalix Global Network (CGN) is the most active cleantech venture investor network in the world. It is a premier alliance of independent, top-tier clean energy venture capital firms - globally linked but locally managed - with the primary goal to better address the global nature of the cleantech industry. Spanning three continents, the CGN firms discuss local deal flow, exchange knowledge, and share networks resulting in faster geographical expansion for their portfolio companies, lowered investment risk, and superior fund performance. For more information on the CGN and each of its members, please visit

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