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August 15, 2012 08:56 ET

Ci&T Explores the Increasing Demand for Large-Scale Drupal Deployments to Optimize Web Experience Management

Global, Multi-Brand Companies Look to Improve Enterprise-Wide Content Management With Drupal

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA--(Marketwire - Aug 15, 2012) - As more brands expand their online presence to thrive in highly competitive markets, the world's largest enterprises understand the need for an optimal web experience to keep consumers engaged. Web experience management (WEM) processes have become increasingly difficult for multi-brand companies that manage hundreds of web and mobile sites -- and the third-party vendors that run them. Ci&T, a Nearshore provider of value-driven web and mobile application services, has worked with some of the world's leading enterprises on large-scale Drupal deployments to efficiently manage the content management systems (CMS) for multiple brands and provide better, more timely and relevant web experiences for customers. 

Content management is critical to WEM because it directly improves the customer experience by enabling faster delivery of content via websites, mobile sites and other channels. This year, there has been a heightened need from companies looking to streamline their CMS processes, and Drupal is increasingly the best fit for large-scale enterprise deployments.

In the decade since Drupal was introduced, the open-source CMS has solidified its position as an industry standard in the web content management (WCM) and web publishing fields. With its sophisticated, flexible Drupal Core system and thousands of modules for additional customization, many large enterprises have worked with Ci&T to adopt Drupal for their hundreds of websites. With the largest single group of Drupal developers in the world and a strategic partnership with Acquia, Ci&T is regarded as a leading Drupal expert and is sought out by multi-brand organizations to ensure a more positive web experience for their customers.

"Many organizations still use multiple content management systems, which are often proprietary and expensive, and subsequently must manage the multiple vendors who service them -- resulting in a costly, inefficient way of doing business," said Felipe Rubim, chief technology architect, Ci&T. "When called in by these organizations to revamp their CMS processes, open source is often a good fit for doing more with less, and we recommend a Drupal deployment managed by a high-performance team. That way, enterprises have a means to manage the front lines of the CMS, but also the outside vendors to streamline communications and produce more websites faster and more efficiently."

Rubim will be representing Ci&T at next week's DrupalCon Munich, Aug. 20-24, where he will lead two sessions:

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