SOURCE: Cicero Inc.

August 28, 2007 09:00 ET

Cicero Inc. Broadens Support of Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture

Introduces New Web Services Wizard to Its Application Integration and Productivity Platform

CARY, NC--(Marketwire - August 28, 2007) - Cicero Inc. (OTCBB: CICN) today announced the general availability of Cicero 6.2, the original application integration platform that automates the flow of information between applications and streamlines business processes on the desktop. This latest release enables organizations to quickly integrate Web Services and other applications to automate processes, extend the functionality of existing applications, and create a unified desktop without writing any application code.

Using .NET 2.0, Cicero Studio 6.2, a comprehensive integration toolkit, includes a new Web Services Wizard that allows the integrator to point to any Web Service and automatically expose the properties and methods of the service. Cicero then generates a set of actions that can be added to the framework's existing Action Libraries allowing them to be used repeatedly in any integration project. This new functionality simplifies the integration process by treating a Web Service like any other application and extends Cicero's ability to both consume and produce Web Services. The integrator does not need to be familiar with the Web Services' details and can easily integrate them with any other application using Cicero Studio. Cicero supports current and emerging standards including CAP, WSDL, ebXML/UDDI, SOAP, XML, WSRP, and the enterprise service bus architecture, which can be used to enable efficient Service Oriented Architecture-based solutions.

"The ability to quickly identify methods from Web Services such as market data and seamlessly integrate them with legacy, packaged, custom, and other applications without writing code is very powerful," said John Broderick, CEO of Cicero Inc. "Cicero Studio's use of wizards and extensive Action Libraries enables integrators to rapidly integrate applications, and the addition of the Cicero Web Services Wizard further streamlines the integration process."

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Cicero Inc. provides software integration solutions for contact centers and other complex information environments. Cicero solutions align underlying technology with business processes, streamline user interactions, improve total productivity, assure completeness and compliance, reduce turnover, and raise knowledge-worker morale and effectiveness.

Patented Cicero technology quickly and non-invasively integrates disparate applications on the desktop. Cicero integration produces results in weeks, and ROI can be achieved in months. Cicero commits to results which are impossible for invasive, server-side strategies and technologies.

Cicero's technology serves more than 50,000 knowledge workers at Merrill Lynch, IBM, Nationwide Insurance, and others large and small. In one recent implementation, Cicero integrated eight applications for nine hundred agents' desktops in just seven weeks and reduced average call times by approximately 40 seconds. The results include improved customer service and a $1+ million per year operating cost reduction. For more information about Cicero, please visit

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