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September 05, 2007 09:30 ET

Cicero Inc. Introduces Desktop and Best Practice Productivity Packs for the Enterprise

New Productivity Packs Expand Desktop Functionality for Contact Center Agents and Other Knowledge Workers

CARY, NC--(Marketwire - September 5, 2007) - Cicero Inc. (OTCBB: CICN), a leading provider of desktop integration solutions, announced today the general availability of Desktop and Best Practice Productivity Packs. The new Productivity Packs, which will be bundled with Cicero Studio, include pre-packaged tools that extend existing application functionality, automate business processes, support integration best practices, and add new features to address specific business requirements.

Adding Desktop Productivity Packs to the Cicero platform enable organizations to introduce features such as single sign-on, context-specific help and assisted workflow without having to create new automations or applications. This further reduces the need to purchase new applications, replace existing systems, or create new ones. Companies can further reduce integration time and costs by using Cicero Studio, already a comprehensive rapid application integration platform, with the Best Practice Productivity Packs. The Best Practice Productivity Packs include templates, and other project tools, to help quickly integrate commonly used applications and platforms.

"In the past five years we have addressed common technical and business issues that go beyond desktop integration such as providing a method to support agent training in contact centers using routines or alternative approaches to navigating application screens. The new Desktop Productivity Packs not only resolve these issues but do it without having to reinvent the wheel," said John Broderick, CEO of Cicero Inc. "Our new Best Practice tools also provide a roadmap for companies when integrating applications, further reducing training and implementation time. We will continue to include additional Productivity Packs with the Cicero Platform to address business requirements and our customer requests."

The New Desktop Productivity Packs include:

Cicero Context Helper -- allows a contact center administrator or business manager to define context-specific information, which can be displayed for any application screen or field. Organizations can include call scripting, procedural information or shortcuts to knowledge base information. Context Helper can also be configured so that knowledge workers can create notes about an application screen or field.

Cicero Single Sign-On (SSO) Assistant -- provides multiple levels of SSO integration. Knowledge workers can either enter their user Ids and passwords for multiple systems when they log on or Cicero can securely retrieve them as needed from a centralized customer-provided database. Cicero Single Sign-On Assistant allows customers to build a simple form for Single Sign-On that users complete without the additional cost or infrastructure.

Cicero Workflow Assistant -- allows knowledge workers and administrators to create best practices and routines within a Cicero desktop. Once a workflow or routine is defined, Cicero walks the knowledge worker through the procedure step by step with instructions in the context of the current caller, automatically navigating them through application screens.

Cicero Synopsis -- displays information from multiple applications in a desired format within a single screen. Synopsis applications can be used to create a single application interface or to simply display information from multiple applications in one screen.

Cicero Navigation -- allows a knowledge worker to type a few predefined characters to navigate to specific application screens or desktop views.

Cicero Favorites -- provides navigation shortcuts to any application screen on a Cicero integrated desktop.

New Best Practices Productivity Packs

Cicero Best Practice Productivity Packs support the integrator using Cicero Studio by providing optional project and desktop templates, and additional tools to reduce training time and provide best practices in creating integrated desktops. The Best Practice Productivity Packs include: sample desktop skins, best practice integration project examples, an example .app file for a VB/COM application, an example system tray configuration for skin navigation and a history file parser.

About Cicero Inc.

Cicero Inc. provides software integration solutions for contact centers and other complex information environments. Cicero solutions align underlying technology with business processes, streamline user interactions, improve total productivity, assure completeness and compliance, reduce turnover, and raise knowledge-worker morale and effectiveness.

Patented Cicero technology quickly and non-invasively integrates disparate applications on the desktop. Cicero integration produces results in weeks, and ROI can be achieved in months. Cicero commits to results which are impossible for invasive, server-side strategies and technologies.

Cicero's technology serves more than 50,000 knowledge workers at Merrill Lynch, IBM, Nationwide Insurance, and others large and small. In one recent implementation, Cicero integrated eight applications for nine hundred agents' desktops in just seven weeks and reduced average call times by approximately 40 seconds. The results include improved customer service and a $1+ million per year operating cost reduction. For more information about Cicero, please visit

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