August 22, 2005 13:45 ET

CIDA: Canada Corps Supports International Development Work of Canadian Organizations

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Aug. 22, 2005) - The Honourable Aileen Carroll, Minister of International Cooperation, today announced over $8 million in funding to Canadian civil society and private-sector organizations to support projects that will promote and facilitate innovative approaches to strengthening good governance practices in the developing world. These projects will be funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) through Canada Corps.

Minsiter Carroll made the announcement during a visit to the offices of Hatfield Consultants in West Vancouver.

"Good governance is a basic requirement for peace, security and sustainable political and socio-economic development," said Minister Carroll. "It gives me great pride to know that these projects will help mobilize over 200 Canadians to participate in the development of good governance practices."

The 16 projects announced today were selected from 161 proposals received. Of these projects, 13 will take place in Africa and three in Asia. Many of these also involve Canadian youth and reciprocal professional exchanges between Canada and the host country.

Funding for this initiative was provided for in the February 2005 federal budget and is therefore built into the existing fiscal framework.


- Hatfield Consultants (West Vancouver, British Columbia), CARE
Canada (Ottawa,Ontario) and Strata 360 (Montreal, Quebec)

Strengthening good governance in Aceh through improved
environmental management and spatial planning, Indonesia: to help
local and regional governments and community groups develop and
improve good governance practices to recover sustainable
livelihoods in tsunami-affected areas and improve mechanisms for
community planning and participation in reconstruction efforts.
This project has a special focus on incorporating natural resource
information, environmental analysis, and community land-use in a
format that can be easily used by local decision-makers. CIDA
contribution: $571,200. Contact: Thomas Boivin (604) 926-3261

- Canadian Human Rights Foundation (Montreal, Quebec), International
Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Montreal),
Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERIUM) de
l'Universite de Montreal (Montreal) and McGill University

Strengthening human rights protection in the Tsunami-affected
regions of Indonesia: to strengthen the capacity of the Indonesian
Ministry of Law and Human Rights in its efforts to implement the
government's National Plan of Action on Human Rights; integrate
human rights concepts and approaches in the reconstruction and
rehabilitation efforts in Aceh and the surrounding provinces; and
share Canadian expertise in the area of human rights education.
CIDA contribution: $213,696. Contact: Ian Hamilton (514) 954-0382

- Carrefour de Solidarite Internationale (Sherbrooke, Quebec) and
Institut de recherche et d'enseignement pour les cooperatives de
l'universite de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke)

Increasing the competencies and capabilities of peasant federations
in Mali: to strengthen the capacity of 15 rural organizations and
15 women's organizations to undertake community development
activities and increase community participation in local planning
and development. This project will reach 200,000 people in 270
villages. Training in managing organizations and cooperatives, and
in establishing new programs that meet the needs of the poor and
respect their rights will also be offered. CIDA contribution :
$427,281. Contact: Marco Labrie (819) 566-8595, poste 22

- College de Maisonneuve (Montreal, Quebec) and Ministere de la
Justice du Quebec (Montreal)

Taking concerted action to promote and protect young people's
rights, Burkina Faso: to support the development of legislation to
protect the rights of the child. Canadian experts will help
establish a national action committee integrating government
ministries and non-governmental organizations to provide advice to
government on proposed new legislation and take into account
existing national and international law. Six committee members will
travel to Canada to learn more about Canadian legislation, training
approaches and practical issues in child protection. CIDA
contribution: $588,857. Contact: Helene Brassard (514) 245-7131
poste 4461

- CUSO (Ottawa, Ontario) and National Judicial Institute (Ottawa)

Institutional strengthening and capacity building of the Judicial
Service, Ghana: to improve and upgrade the skills and knowledge of
the staff of the Judicial Service and enable them to fulfill their
roles and responsibilities in the development and sustenance of
good governance and rule of law in Ghana. This project will assess
training needs assessments of judges, magistrates and
administrative staff; exchanges between teams from the Judicial
Service of Ghana and the National Judicial Institute of Canada, the
development of a pool of trainers in Ghana, and speaking
engagements across Canada for the Canadian participants to share
their experiences. CIDA contribution: $600,000. Contact: Debby Cote
(613) 829-7445

- CANADEM (Ottawa, Ontario) and Partnership Africa Canada (Ottawa)

CAN-Jeunesse Governance and Development Initiative, Cameroon,
Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania: to
expand CANADEM's partnership with the United Nations Development
Programme (UNDP) by sending 16 young Canadians to support UNDP
Country Offices in sub-Saharan Africa in their efforts to achieve
the Millennium Development Goals and the governance objectives set
out in each country's national poverty reduction strategies. The
Canadian youth will be matched with and mentored by volunteer
senior-level Canadians based in the same host countries. CIDA
contribution: $599,996. Contact: Paul LaRose-Edwards (613) 789-3328

- Foundation for International Training (Markham, Ontario) and
Association for Higher Education and Development (Ottawa)

Promoting a culture of good governance through values and outcome
based ethics, Ethiopia: to help the Ethiopian Civil Service College
create a civil service with the highest ethical standards. A team
of Canadians of Ethiopian origin and Canadian governance experts
will work together to develop and provide ethics courses, train
trainers, create a code of ethics and establish a seminar series on
ethics and governance for the college community. Four youth interns
from the University of Toronto will support the project in the
field and in Canada. CIDA contribution: $566,777. Contact:
Mirabelle Rodrigues (905) 305-8680

- GENIVAR Groupe Conseil (Quebec, Quebec), Nouvelles Solidarites
Internationales Quebec ((Montreal) et Jeune Barreau de Quebec

Promoting justice and achieving social awareness for women in
Burkina Faso: to strengthen the capacity of civil society
organizations and government to develop communications tools that
will increase women's access to justice and lead to greater
equality between women and men. Although new legislation protects
the rights of women in Burkina Faso, it is not yet widely known or
applied. This project will use action-research to find the most
effective ways to increase awareness and use of the law. Lessons
learned will be shared in Burkina Faso and in Canada. CIDA
contribution: $600,000. Contact: Suzanne Menard (418) 623-2254

- Human Settlements Development Workshop (Guelph, Ontario) and
Mennonite Economic Development Associates (Waterloo)

Building a post-conflict model of community-based entrepreneurship
and good governance, Angola: to help develop a regulatory framework
for small- and medium-enterprise in Angola and to pilot a
sustainable microfinance institution based on principles of good
corporate governance and best microfinance practices. The project
will initially reach about 4,000 clients (78% women) and help them
establish income-generating activities, thus creating jobs and
strengthening communities. It will also raise awareness about
HIV/AIDS prevention. CIDA contribution: $600,000. Contact: Maribel
Gonzales (519) 763-3978

- Institute on Governance (Ottawa, Ontario), Voluntary Service
Overseas Canada (Ottawa), and Project Help Lesotho (Ottawa)

Building governance capacity and community engagement: Youth
against HIV/AIDS, Lesotho: to build the capacity of youth and local
government to fight HIV/AIDS in three of Lesotho's poorest
districts and at the national level. (Lesotho has the third highest
incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world.) Youth councils comprised of
Canadian and Lesotho youth, and involving young Canadians of
Lesotho origin and Canadian experts in governance and HIV/AIDS,
will be trained and supported in their efforts to play a leadership
role in raising awareness and implementing strategies to fight
HIV/AIDS. CIDA contribution: $584,326. Contact: Laura Edgar (613)
562-0092 ext. 226

- International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
(Montreal, Quebec), McGill University, Faculty of Law (Montreal)
and Centre for International Studies at Universite de Montreal

Strengthening good governance through African mechanisms of human
rights protection, Africa: to strengthen human rights and
democratic principles and practices in African politics and
institutions. Four young Canadian professionals with legal
backgrounds will work with the African Commission on Human and
Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) in the Gambia to increase the secretariat's
ability to deal with complaints and to publish a research report on
best practices in African states with respect to human rights and
law enforcement. CIDA contribution: $302,600. Contact: Razmik
Panossian (514) 283-6073

- Journalists for Human Rights (Toronto, Ontario) and TakingITGlobal

Governance, human rights and media, Ghana: to build the capacity of
local Ghanaian media to report on human rights issues more
effectively. Four Canadian experts will work directly with 200
Ghanaian journalists, editors, owners, and instructors in print,
radio and television, to increase their abilities to report on
human rights issues and to train others in this area. Sixteen young
Canadian journalists will also participate. All of the Canadian
participants will share their experiences through speaking
engagements at 14 universities across Canada and by
writing/producing 20 print, radio or television pieces for Canadian
media outlets. CIDA contribution: $411,264. Contact: Ben Peterson
(416) 413-0240

- Service d'assistance canadienne aux organismes (SACO/CESO)
(Montreal, Quebec) and Canada 25: Young Leaders Forum (Toronto,

Canada-Cameroon project to promote greater public involvement in
local governance: to strengthen the capacity of two provincial
associations of elected municipal officials and one non
governmental organization (active in every province in Cameroon) to
increase public participation in community development activities
and in the upcoming 2007 elections, and to support the strategic
interests of marginalized groups such as women and youth. This will
be done through a series of needs assessments workshops,
train-the-trainers sessions and awareness-raising campaigns. The
project involves 80 Canadian mayors and municipal councillors, and
25 young Canadians. CIDA contribution: $599,983. Contact: Carole
Martin (514) 875-7226

- UNICEF Canada (Toronto, Ontario)

Strengthening the judicial, legal and paralegal system in selected
Commonwealth countries in Africa: A practical guide on the UN
Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) for use in courts of
law, Kenya and Sierra Leone: Under the leadership of two African
lawyers, four young Canadian lawyers and four young African lawyers
will collaborate on case law research in Kenya and Sierra Leone to
identify missed opportunities in existing case law for using the UN
CRC. Their research will be used to develop a practical guide on
using the CRC in court and a training course that could reach 1800
judges, lawyers and paralegals working in family, criminal,
constitutional and human rights law. This will help ensure that the
best interests of the child are reflected and integrated in each
country's legal framework. CIDA contribution: $599,966. Contact:
David Agnew (416) 482-4444

- Universite du Quebec a Montreal (Montreal, Quebec), Regroupement
provincial des maisons d'hebergement et de transition pour femmes
victimes de violence conjugale (Montreal), Centre d'aide et de
lutte aux agressions a caractere sexuel (Montreal), Federation des
femmes du Quebec (Montreal), et Y des Femmes (Montreal)

Projet d'appui a la LICADHO - Droits des femmes et des filles au
Cambodge : to improve women and girls'rights in Cambodia, by
increasing their protection from domestic violence, abuse, and
sexual traffic. At the local level, community groups will be
trained to understand and prevent violence, create support networks
for victims of abuse, and increase understanding of current
protection measures. As well, the capacity of local authorities to
apply and enforce existing legislation will be increased. At the
national level, legal and psychological tools to support women and
girls will be developed. CIDA contribution: $599,973. Contact:
Peter Leuprecht (514) 987-3667

- Voluntary Service Overseas Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), the Institute
on Governance (Ottawa) and GlobalAware (Toronto)

SCORE: Strengthening communities rights and empowerment,
Bangladesh: to improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged
people in one of the poorest countries in the world, by building
the capacity of local communities to participate in decision-making
and ensure that poor people's voices inform and influence
government policy at national and local levels. The project will
provide training to communities on how to identify and exercise
their basic rights, and to local governments on how to deliver
effective programs. It is expected to benefit three communities
with a total population of over 4.8 million. CIDA contribution:
$562,337. Contact: Debbie Vanderburgh (613) 234-1364.

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