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April 03, 2013 13:21 ET

Cido Research Announces Results of First Ethnic Omnibus Study

EVA Express Opens Insights Into Ethnic Marketplace

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 3, 2013) - Cido Research ( recently concluded polling on their inaugural quarterly ethnic omnibus study, EVA Express ( The study polled more than one-thousand ethnic Canadians to understand their household purchases and preferences, focusing on Chinese and South Asians residing in Toronto and Vancouver with added emphasis on newly tenured citizens.

In total four providers of products and services contributed questions to the study, spanning a wide range of consumer industries. For some, the study marked their first step into the ethnic marketplace, while others used it as an opportunity to further the insights of their already established ethnic research divisions. The study provided a great deal of insight into unique attitudes and behaviours of ethnic Canadians - a group that includes visible minorities, new Canadians, and those groups that represent the diverse multicultural fabric of the country.

"This is the first real study of its kind," said Steve Male, Director of Online Services and Marketing for Cido Research. "The ethnic population in Canada continues to grow and will be a focal point of interest for companies to grow their products and services. This study serves as a cost-effective tool for companies who want to poll ethnic markets and gain insights into how their products and brands are perceived by these individuals."

The study brought to light some interesting figures surrounding ethnic Canadians. 65% of all newly tenured respondents received some or all of their education in Canada. More important, ethnic Canadians report very high levels of post-secondary education - almost 2 in 3 respondents had partial or completed university degrees. The increased education level factored into job selection with only 3% of ethnic respondents working in manual labour.

Those polled for the study showed high levels of social media engagement - 82% of respondents reported using Facebook at least once a month. While 39% of respondents report using LinkedIn, South Asians show more adoption of the platform (47%) vs. Chinese Canadians (33%). As a whole, ethnic Canadians also show high levels of adoption of new technologies, as over 80% have smartphones, 40% report owning a tablet device, and just over 60% of respondents indicate that they carry out their primary personal banking online.

One puzzling data point stood out most of all, however, making researchers double-check their figures. While only half of EVA Express respondents reported following NHL hockey, about 40% of ethnic NHL fans indicated that the Toronto Maple Leafs had the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup in 2013!

About Cido Research and EVA

Cido Research is a leading independent market research data collection firm. Their North American operations include a division specializing in ethnic research, housing the 15,000 member online ethnic consumer panel called the Ethnic Voice Accord. The panel focuses on key ethnic markets including Chinese, South Asian and Southeast Asians. EVA Express is a quarterly ethnic omnibus study utilizing the EVA panel. The next wave of the study begins fielding on June 10, 2013, with a submission date for questions in late May.

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