February 24, 2009 06:00 ET

Cigars Get Better With Age: Cigar Aging Tips From

STONE RIDGE, NY--(Marketwire - February 24, 2009) - Aging cigars takes a major commitment of time, money and effort. Many people new to cigars don't have the resources available to purchase enough cigars to set aside for aging, or simply haven't been into the pastime long enough to have long-term aged the cigars they do have. But many cigar connoisseurs agree that cigars are at their best when they have been aged.

"Aging cigars takes a lot of dedication," said David Cagan, general manager of "Long-term aging of cigars takes many years and a lot of patience. This is difficult for many people who don't want to wait around to let their cigars age for more than a few months."

Cigar smokers new to aging cigars can follow some of these simple tips from, a leading online distributor of brand name, premium cigars from around the world, to begin the cigar aging process.

1. If you don't already own a humidor, purchase one that will best fit your needs. Humidors range from humidor bags that hold as little as 5 cigars to large commercial models that can hold 300 cigars, 3,000 cigars or more.

2. Make sure your humidor setup is accurate, and monitor it carefully. The most important factor in setting up your humidor is long-term consistency. The best setting follows the 70/70 rule: 70 percent humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, many connoisseurs store cigars at temperatures in the 60°-65°F range to limit the possibility of beetle infestation, with humidity below 70 percent.

3. Commit to entire boxes of cigars. It may be more expensive, but you eliminate the possibility of flavors from different cigars merging, and it allows you the opportunity to try out a cigar from time to time to check on the aging progress.

4. Remember the aging process is a learning process. Don't expect every aged cigar to be the best you've ever smoked. Sometimes, you'll find your aged cigar is no better than when you bought it. However, if you keep a constant humidity and temperature, you will have a fine burning cigar and may be pleasantly surprised at the new flavors that emerge.

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