Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative

Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative

January 29, 2008 09:36 ET

CIHC Regional Meetings

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 29, 2008) - Experts from across the Atlantic Provinces and Quebec have gathered in Halifax to discuss interprofessional education and collaborative practice in the hopes of developing stronger regional linkages and improving patient outcomes.

"This is the final in a series of three regional meetings," said Dr. John H.V. Gilbert, Project Lead for the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC). "We've had an opportunity to meet with CIHC members, representatives from government and health authorities, health professionals and health leaders, and as a result, we have a much better picture of the successes and outcomes of the 20 Health Canada funded interprofessional projects. Even more importantly, all of our project champions have had a chance to network with one another and share best practices and ideas for future interprofessional work."

As the CIHC moves into its third year, the organization will focus on sustainability planning and connecting all interprofessional education and collaborative teams across Canada, whether they were originally funded by Health Canada's Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice (IECPCP) initiative or developed on their own.

The Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative was formed in 2006, as a way to bring together the 20 "Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice" projects funded through Health Canada's Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Strategy. Since its inception, CIHC has been working towards building an extensive network for knowledge exchange, developing strategic partnerships, advancing curriculum development, supporting research initiatives and evaluating interprofessional theories and activities across Canada.

Interprofessional collaboration is when health providers work together with patients and their families to manage care. By improving understanding of the various skills and responsibilities of other professions, health providers develop the required respect and trust needed to work as an efficient, patient-centred team.

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CIHC is a Health Canada funded project.

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