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November 18, 2014 11:58 ET

CIHN Announces 4 New Successful Patient Stem Cell Treatments Using Cells From Davinci Labs and Patients' Own Bone Marrow, a 300% Increase, All Performed by Dr. Leonel Liriano, With the Input of Dr. Rafael Gonzalez

OAKLAND PARK, FL--(Marketwired - November 18, 2014) -  Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: CIHN), is excited to announce a 300% increase in new successful stem cell patient treatments for the week of November 10th 2014. CIHN hereby confirms and announces the successful treatment and procedure of four stem cell patients treated last week all of which were performed in Santiago, Dominican Republic, by Dr. Liriano with the input of Dr. Gonzalez. All four of these patients received cells from DaVinci Labs along with their own stem cells extracted from the patients' own bone marrow. All four patients have confirmed and reported great results, already feeling the vitality effects of their treatment. This compilation has proven after only one week since treatment great results in overall vitality.

As previously announced by new management, CIHN confirms its first stem cell procedure with its first patient on November 10th 2014 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Concurrently, CIHN was able to schedule and provide treatment for 3 additional patients on the same trip, all four of which were treated with stem cell therapies on November 10th and 11th 2014. Therefore CIHN is happy to announce it had a 300% increase in new successful stem cell patient treatments for the week of November 10th 2014.

Of the four patients that received treatment, three were oriented for overall wellness and one, a combined effort towards rebuilding cartilage of the knees, after 15 prior surgeries performed between both legs. This patient stated, "after over 20 years and 15 prior surgeries since my motorcycle accident, I have not had this much mobility and pain relief in my legs since before my accident." Compounded with the increased vitality reported from all patients, the three male patients have already reported an increase in Libido.

CIHN is dedicated to providing a superior experience of customer service and satisfaction of its patients, this being said, CIHN is confident in saying that its new management is doing exactly that. Our true passion is our patients and their well being, with our team of doctors and scientists we feel we are on track to be a leader in stem cell treatment and therapies.

Furthermore, CIHN had a successful meeting that took place covering many innovative protocols Dr. Liriano has been working on. These will amplify the effects of the treatments currently being offered and pioneer into new areas of treatment. CIHN is eager to announce its future success and well-being of patients, and will keep the market up to date on activity going forward.

CIHN President stated, "Now that we have had our first round of patients receive treatment, we are even more confident in our business model going forward. With the core of our business model dedicated to our patients, CIHN can now go out and attract new clientele and begin to rapidly expand."

Dr. Leonel Liriano is a graduate of the Medical School of Medicine Technical University of Santiago (UTESA). Dr. Liriano has specialized as an intensive care physician at St. Joseph Hospital in the city of Santiago de Chile, and has also been prepared in Clinical Nutrition for Critical Patient in the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, in the city of Santurce, Puerto Rico, as well as studied Intensive Post-operative Cardiovascular at Cedars Hospital in the City of Miami, Florida and trainings in Neurocritical care in NYU Hospital, New York City.

Twelve years ago while talking to a surgeon who practiced in Germany, Dr. Liriano, who is professor of cardiology and intensive care at the Technological University of Santiago (UTES), became interested in the process of cell therapy and how this could serve as hope to treat diseases without possibility of cure. Since then, Dr. Liriano along with his team of doctors from different specialties has successfully applied the stem cell-based therapy to more than 1000 people. This includes 200 sports figures; with the most prominent being baseball player Bartolo Colon for whom he was the lead physician.

Rafael González Ph.D. Studied Biological Sciences (Ph.D.), Reeve-Irvine Research Center, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of California, Irvine, California. He was a member of the International Society for Cell Transplantation and from 2004 to date is a member of the Society of Neuroscience. Principal investigator involved in clinical studies for the development of the use of adult derived stem cells for spinal cord injury, cardiomyopathy and other debilitating disorders. His experience is extensive in stem cell culture and cell biology from various developmental stages. His most recent publication has lead to licensing technology for cord blood banks throughout the world. From 2011 to date, he works as Vice President of Research and Development at Da Vinci Biosciences, LLC & DV Biologics LLC, Costa Mesa, CA, USA.

About Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. (CIHN):
Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. is a holding company for Regenerative Bio Science, Inc. ("RBSI"). The Company subsidiary RBSI is focused on helping individuals protect and ensure their future quality of life through Adult and/or Cord Blood Stem Cell Incubation and the practice of regenerative medicine in the United States and the Dominican Republic. RBSI's mission is not only to allow patients to store their Stem Cells for future use, but also perform patient funded stem cell therapies from sports injuries to degenerative diseases such as MS, Arthritis, Degenerative Heart Diseases, Diabetes and a host of experimental therapies in the brain trauma disease sector including CTE. The goal is to become a global leader in establishing protocols that can be patented and utilized to heal patients around the world. 

Stem cells work as the repairmen of the body by replenishing and regenerating damaged tissues and cells. Certain conditions have shown marked improvement when treated with stem cells taken from the patient's own body as well as Cord Blood stem cells. Regenerative Bioscience is becoming part of a revolution in healthcare using stem cells.

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