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February 05, 2008 15:05 ET

Cincom Smalltalk Wins Dynamic Language Shootout Competition

Proves Superior to Ruby, Python, Perl and Other Dynamic Programming Languages

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - February 5, 2008) - A software application built on Cincom Smalltalk™ won the 2008 Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Dynamic Language Shootout competition, held in Munich, Germany. Sigs-Datacom, in conjunction with the German magazine JavaSPEKTRUM, organized the contest for the OOP 2008 conference.

Cincom Smalltalk is a software programming language that enables developers to build applications quickly and efficiently. OOP is one of the most well-established IT conferences in the European software community dating back 17 years. The conference addresses the whole spectrum of software-development topics including information on the latest trends and applications.

The Shootout Challenge

Participants were challenged to program a Scrabble™-like game using standard technology of the chosen platform. Programmers that participated used the dynamic programming languages Ruby, Python, Perl, Groovy, Scheme, Lisp and others. Criteria for the application included accuracy, size, clarity and elegance.

The Winner

Thorsten Seitz, the winner, used Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks® 7.5, the Smalltalk toolset for building instantly portable server, web-based and client-server applications; and Seaside 2.8 for his winning application.

Selected for Quality, Speed, Elegance

The winning application was selected for its algorithmic quality, speed, relatively small size and visual elegance of the Seaside-based user-interface. Competition judges shared the opinion that Thorsten's Smalltalk-based submission won with an impressive distance ahead of second place, a Ruby application. Smalltalk programmers typically solve a given problem faster and write one-half to one-third of the code produced by programmers using other languages.

About Cincom Smalltalk

Cincom Smalltalk is a cross-platform development technology that helps developers build applications quickly and efficiently from highly scalable web applications to classic client/server systems. Cincom Smalltalk brings better productivity than Java, Ruby, Python, C#, or VisualBasic. Bring your products to market faster with Cincom Smalltalk.

About Cincom

Cincom delivers and supports innovative software and services to simplify complex business processes. For nearly 40 years, Cincom has enabled thousands of clients worldwide to increase revenue, control cost, minimize risk and achieve rapid ROI.

Cincom serves clients on six continents including Citibank, Boeing, Ericsson, Penn State University, Milacron, Siemens and Trane. For more information about Cincom's products and services, contact Cincom at 1-800-2CINCOM (USA only), send an e-mail to, or visit the company's website at

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