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August 03, 2005 13:16 ET

Cincom's Smalltalk Team Launches Add-ons and Applications Program

Wanted... New VAR and Service Partners!

CINCINNATI, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 3, 2005 -- The Cincom Smalltalk Solutions Group announced today its Add-ons and Applications Program. The program is designed to recruit new VAR and Services Partners, and increase and promote applications written in Cincom Smalltalk™.

The Add-ons and Applications Program:

-- Introduces various applications that are written in Cincom Smalltalk.

-- Will have a searchable, online database of Cincom Smalltalk applications.

-- Introduces application developers to business-development opportunities within Cincom that pertain to the applicant's interests.

Additional benefits:

-- Serves as "first steps" or a "next step" toward developing a relationship/partnership with Cincom.

-- Allows the VAR/Service Partner to gain visibility within Cincom, the Smalltalk Community and the vertical market for which the application was developed in Cincom Smalltalk.

-- The possibility of Cincom re-selling the VAR/Service-Partner's product(s) through Cincom's global sales distribution chain.

-- The ability to leverage Cincom's 37 years of experience and market awareness.


"The global launch of Cincom Systems' Add-ons and Applications Program was good news for Atlantis R&D. Leveraging the capabilities of VisualWorks® Smalltalk, Atlantis has unique properties that make it a sought-after product. Our customers are in constant need of technology solutions that will allow them to become more efficient and competitive. Having an increasing and ready-made source for the latest and greatest advances, built directly into our next release of VisualWorks Smalltalk, gives SFI/Atlantis an even greater ability to deliver.

"At SFI/Atlantis, our technical team benefits from the service and highly valuable components, which we can readily choose from for our next leap forward."

- David Long, President/CEO of SFI/Atlantis

If you have an application written in Cincom Smalltalk ObjectStudio®, Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks®, or Visual Smalltalk® Enterprise and you are interested in a partner relationship with Cincom Systems, please contact Suzanne Fortman at or Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager James Robertson at for additional details on how this program can benefit you.

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