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July 16, 2013 07:55 ET

Cinematique Launches MTEVideo Beta, an Immersive, Touch-Enabled Video Technology for Branded Content Discovery

Tech-Savvy Filmmakers and Streaming Video Pioneers Announce an Interactive, Multi-Layered Visual Experience for Brands to Deepen Their Digital Connection With Consumers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) -  Cinematique, an innovative provider of advanced video technologies, today announced that it is launching the beta of its flagship product -- the MTEVideo (Motion Touch Enabled) platform -- aimed at brands and content creators. MTE technology tracks products in real time as they move on screen, allowing the viewer to simply touch the product they want without interrupting the viewing experience. Touched items are then stored in a "universal boutique" which the viewer can access from any MTEVideo anywhere on the Internet. The founding trio of Randy Ross, Kyle Heller, and Chayse Irvin, each leveraging their experience as both filmmakers and technologists, have harnessed the vast capabilities of HTML5 and a pure node.js Javascript API to provide an uninterrupted experience where the viewer can shop and explore as they watch.

"We realized when watching motion content in the palm of your hand, it engages you on another level. There is more of an impulse to simply touch what's on the screen. We feel this needs to be acknowledged as part of the medium," said Randy Ross, Cinematique's Co-Founder and CEO. "As filmmakers, we understand the importance of everything on screen, so we focused on creating a user experience that allows for seamless interaction while not intruding on the immersive nature of the content. Every decision, every design, every iteration was made with this in mind."

Cinematique has strategically targeted the fashion industry as the first vertical to employ MTE technology. "The branded content coming out of the fashion industry is cutting edge. This, coupled with the trendsetting consumers and seasonal turnover, makes it the perfect industry to demonstrate this ground-breaking technology," explained Co-Founder Kye Heller. "Cinematique's goal for MTE is to build a video platform and community of users based on their touches and interests in video, so that the world can engage in content at a deeper level."

Furthering the idea of content exploration, Co-Founder and renowned cinematographer Chayse Irvin added that "Allowing users to instinctively touch what interests them opens a whole new world of virality and feedback." The MTEVideo platform's analytics and SEO provides unprecedented results, where content creators can actually evaluate the effectiveness of the creative in a video by measuring the amount of touches and time spent in a given moment. "It will change our understanding of how we share and benefit from video. This is not reformatted TV or cinema, it is a new experience that opens the floodgates for new creativity!"

Working seamlessly across all devices, the MTEVideo platform gives brands and content creators the ability to assess the effectiveness of their video in its entirety, as well as the specific products or items within it. Ross hinted at the potential for the technology, stating, "We are working to enhance branded content and digital product placements as these new analytics are truly limitless. Imagine that 20,000 people have a touched on a dress by Honor, a NYC-based luxury fashion brand. Honor can instantly send those 20,000 people a discount. They have already expressed interest, and the incentive comes to them through the very video that sparked their interest. It both strengthens the brand-to-consumer relationship while at the same time extending the life of the video."

For the launch of the MTEVideo platform, the founders of Cinematique have set out to identify the highest quality video content produced in the fashion world, forging early partnerships with Co-Collection, Scotch & Soda, Maiyet, We are Handsome, Honor, and Suzanne Rae, with upcoming alliances set to be announced in the near future. The technology has also attracted attention from major motion picture studios as well as from the music industry.

Heller concludes, "We are excited to be able to illustrate the power of the technology with such beautiful branded content. As we move forward, we envision people creating content specifically for MTEVideo."

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Founded by filmmakers and technologists Randy Ross, Kyle Heller, and Chayse Irvin, Cinematique's focus is to continually push the boundaries of interactive storytelling experiences. The company's first product MTEVideo is a next generation touch-enabled video platform. Formed in 2012, Cinematique is based in both Los Angeles and New York City. For more information, please visit

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