December 07, 2012 08:30 ET

Cint Increases Access to Thousands of Medical Professionals' Opinions Through New Partnerships

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - Dec. 7, 2012) - Cint, a global provider of market research tools, has increased its access to the opinions of thousands of healthcare professionals in the US through a new partnership with DMD (Delta Marketing Dynamics) and an extension to its existing collaboration with ImpactRx (a Symphony Health Solutions Company).

The DMD survey panel is comprised of over 5,000 individuals working within retail pharmacies, primarily pharmacy managers or senior level staff, and 1,300 acute-care pharmacists working within hospitals, the majority directors or clinical pharmacists. The ImpactRx panel consists of a wide cross-section of over 100,000 medical professionals, with particular specialties in primary care, general medicine and individuals working within retail pharmacies. Also available are other professionals who assist with the overall management of a patient's healthcare, including nurse practitioners, nurses, office managers and technicians. These new partnerships mean any organization working within the healthcare spectrum, whether pharmaceutical companies or cosmetic brands, researchers or marketers, can obtain the opinions of this audience, simply and easily through Cint's innovative technology.

Over 100,000 medical professionals across the US will now be within reach to help brands improve varying elements of their business activity, from new product development to forming a marketing strategy.

Cint's ground-breaking technology allows brands easy access to the opinions of over 7.5 million people in 50 different countries. Cint specializes in DIY research, whereby marketers and brand managers can deploy an online survey in less than seven minutes to individuals that match their exact profiling requirements. This new panel means brands looking to ascertain the opinions of a specific group of experts in a particular medical field, can do so themselves in a simple, cost effective and transparent way.

Bo Mattson, chief executive of Cint, commented: "Many organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of specialist equipment and public sector decision makers will often require the opinion of a healthcare professional. However, obtaining an informed opinion from this audience, whether it is a dermatologist, a pain specialist or an optometrist, can be a challenging process, due to the pressures and time constraints on these individuals, and traditional market research methods such as focus groups can be ineffective.

"These new partnerships with DMD and ImpactRx means specific groups of experts can be targeted entirely online and, therefore, they are able to provide their responses and opinions within a timeframe that suits them. Through our open platform, Cint OpinionHUB, researchers can connect directly with these individuals, deploying a survey to a highly targeted demographic."

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