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February 09, 2007 08:00 ET

CinTel Obtains Exclusive Sales and Marketing Rights to Launch the Mobile WiMAX Technologies of Digifriends Co., Ltd. in the US and Europe

New Partner Considered Primary World Leader in Space

LOUISVILLE, KY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 9, 2007 -- CinTel Corp (CinTel) (OTCBB: CNCN) announced that it has signed an exclusive strategic alliance agreement with Digifriends Co., Ltd. (Digifriends, to bring their 4th Generation WiMAX technologies to the US and European markets. Mobile WiMAX (World Interoperability for Microwave Access) expectations are the enabling of true broadband speeds over wireless networks at a cost point to enable mass market adoption. The agreement includes the exclusive right to sell and market Digifriends' WiMAX hardware and software technologies for the next three years. In addition, it includes co-development, co-marketing, and cooperation for sales in other overseas markets as well. Thus, CinTel gained the exclusive right to provide radiofrequency (RF) modules and terminals created by Digifriends to North American and European wireless providers.

Digifriends is one of 3 companies worldwide that can currently develop Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting products with their wholly owned technology (multimedia codec: H.262/+AAC, CAS, 2.6GHz RF) and licensing. Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) is a digital radio transmission system for sending multimedia (radio, TV, and datacasting) to mobile devices such as mobile phones.

Ultra mobile computing is seen as the next technology mecca and mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e standard) as the transforming agent. Mobile WiMAX can provide low-cost connectivity in remote locations. For the specific mobile WiMAX market, estimates vary from over 12 million users to over 20 million users by the end of 2010, said Sang-Don Kim, the CEO and President of CinTel Corp. Digifriends has special expertise in design and development of RF and hardware design, multimedia CODEC, and RTOS (Real-time OS) especially for these next generation wireless broadband communication tools. It has focused on the development of mobile WiMAX technologies and is one of the industry's first to release new products -- mobile WiMAX RF module and mobile WiMAX terminals -- which are mainly targeted to the North American and European markets.

After signing the strategic alliance agreement with CinTel, Gregori Park, the CEO of Digifriends, said, "I am excited to establish this alliance with CinTel which has a proven track record in developing and marketing other innovative technology products, such as internet traffic management (ITM) products and semiconductor products. Through this alliance, I am confident that CinTel can extend our reach. I think CinTel's experience and established network in global business will be very helpful for Digifriends. CinTel will also play a critical role in investor relations and funding for our company. Digifriends will continue to focus on R&D and our hopes of being a global leader in WiMAX and associated technologies with the help of CinTel."

Kim, the CEO and President of CinTel Corp., said, "We are quite pleased to enter this Mobile WiMAX business -- one of the most highly anticipated business areas today, through this alliance. As said before, CinTel continues to expand and move forward into new business areas that have sufficient market potential and high-returns. We think 2007 will be a great chance to grow with the Mobile WiMAX market. This alliance will be an excellent opportunity for CinTel to grow with Digifriends."

'Mobile WiMAX' has comparative advantage in mobility, size of bandwidth, and cost effectiveness over other mobile communication systems. With the Mobile WiMAX, a subscriber can use internet access even when the subscriber moves at speeds of 60 miles per hour. In addition, a subscriber can access the same content and data as subscribers on wired services. Samsung, LG Electronics, Intel, Nokia, Motorola and many other companies have agreed to the interoperability of Mobile WiMAX. Intel has worked to make Mobile WiMAX a standard to replace old WiFi networks. In 2006, Sprint Nextel in the US announced that it would use Mobile WiMAX for its 4th generation communications platform.

Starting in 2007 many mobile communication service companies are expected to start to migrate to 4th generation communication systems. Instead of generating their own technologies, many will opt to license mobile terminals and integrate WiMAX into their key technologies.

About CinTel Corp: (

While CinTel maintains its position as a leader in Internet Traffic Management (ITM) systems, it has also begun expansion into creative new markets and worldwide distribution of Korean- and Chinese-based semiconductor technology. With its main headquarters in North America and operations worldwide, CinTel Corp. provides a range of enterprise technology solutions. Founded in 1997, CinTel introduced Korea's first dynamic server load balancer, which has now evolved into a world-class product line. With its ever expanding solutions with key partners and internal development, CinTel has created a conglomerate of technology products to include NAND flash memory packaging, LCD assembly, semiconductor packaging and testing specialists, as well as a total solution provider for memory applications for home appliances, semiconductor and TFT-LCD application products. CinTel's award-winning ITM solutions are marketed to customers worldwide, enabling customers to improve Internet and network traffic management, service levels, secure content, user experience, and reduce server loads and bandwidth demands.

About Digifriends Co., Ltd.: (

Digifriends was formed in 2003 in Korea and began to work with 3G technologies and WiMAX technologies (4th Generation Technologies). The company is positioning itself as a major contender in the digital media broadcasting arena. The applications of Digifriends' core solutions include DMB and Mobile WiMAX, such as S-DMB terminals, enabling WiMAX for notebooks and other portable media devices, navigation, and gateway modems. Expertise in R/F & H/W Design, multimedia CODEC, and RTOS (Real-time OS) play a significant role. Digifriends provides WiMAX terminals, module-type products, with performance maximization for RF and baseband (BB), and internally developed certified CODEC solutions for CPUs. The company has 96 patent applications to date. Patent preparation has begun for a variety of DMB components, such as a low power & power consumption decrease circuit design method in a portable DMB terminal.

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