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February 10, 2014 12:18 ET

CipherHealth Integrates With Google Glass to Improve Outcomes

Google Glass Integration is the Latest Communication Innovation in CipherHealth's Solar Care System

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 10, 2014) - CipherHealth, a leading patient communication company based in New York City, has integrated Google Glass into its Solar Care System. The purpose of this integration is to provide the highest quality of care across various healthcare settings. 

Google Glass is a revolutionary hands-free device that puts the power of an Android smartphone directly in front of you. Its real-time voice, video, and image capture technology enables the sharing of first-hand experiences with people all over the world. This augmented reality also connects users to many of Google's popular cloud-based features including maps, calendar, and Gmail among others.

CipherHealth's patient communication platform, Solar, is used by doctors and nurses in over 25 states to track and communicate with patients after a medical event to ensure that they receive the care they need. Through a multimodal approach, Solar enables providers to connect with patients via text messages, phone calls, and proprietary smartphone applications both in and out of the hospital. Solar helps to streamline communication and capture valuable data, thus ensuring better patient outcomes and increased levels of patient satisfaction.

"The potential use cases for the latest Solar integration are truly incredible. It furthers our mission of enhancing patient-provider relationships through advanced communication technologies. And I have to admit, it's been a blast experimenting and developing products with Google Glass," says Alex Hejnosz, Co-Founder of CipherHealth.

  • Real-time, hands-free alerting. By leveraging Glass's heads-up display, Solar can immediately provide nurses and doctors working inside of the hospital with updates on key patient problems. In lieu of having to stop an assessment to answer the phone or look at a text, care providers can now immediately see the specific patient issue and determine its urgency.
  • Barcode scanning. Utilizing Glass's image capture technology, Solar eliminates the need for providers to carry extraneous barcode scanning devices. Providers simply look at a patient's barcode, and Solar will display the pertinent information (e.g., medications list, fall risk) onto the provider's heads-up screen.
  • Care provider sharing. Glass's integration with the Solar platform also allows for the sharing of critical issues across multiple healthcare settings. For example, a primary care physician can take a video of swelling around a patient's incision point and send that video directly to the patient's surgeon for further evaluation, thus eliminating the need for multiple trips to various physicians. All of the information is captured and shared in Solar.

By integrating Google Glass and Solar, CipherHealth hopes to connect providers and patients in a way that was not previously possible, resulting in better outcomes and better coordinated care.

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Founded in New York in 2009, CipherHealth, LLC provides improved care coordination and patient engagement through communication tools, helping healthcare organizations improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. For more information about CipherHealth's solutions for Google Glass, or to schedule a demo, please visit CipherHealth's website at

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