August 18, 2009 10:15 ET

Ci&T Outlines Top Tactics to Streamline IT Operations

Lean IT Principles Drive Efficiency, Provide Fast Return on Investment

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA--(Marketwire - August 18, 2009) - Ci&T (, a consulting and technology outsourcing services company, today identified the top actions companies can take to streamline bloated IT operations, increase agility and provide an immediate return on investment.

With the current economy, companies are increasingly scrutinizing their operations, analyzing how money is spent and trying to minimize inefficiencies, particularly in IT operations. Through its work with companies in diverse industries such as media and entertainment, consumer packaged goods and financial services, Ci&T has helped streamline implementations and eliminate waste by following the principles of lean IT. This philosophy has helped the company provide more than 80 percent of the promised value of projects with just 50 percent of the traditional budget.

Inspired by the Toyota manufacturing model, lean IT focuses on eliminating waste, understanding how value is perceived by customers and making only what is requested by the customer. This approach allows companies to simultaneously improve cost, quality, speed and agility, while eliminating extra inventory. By recognizing the difference between speed and agility, companies are able to implement the right projects at the right speed to generate the right return.

Ci&T has identified three specific ways companies can streamline operations to generate fast return on investment (ROI) and future-proof their businesses.

1.  Make every project a strategic decision -- With many companies
    struggling to weather these challenging times, it is imperative that
    any new implementations be fully scoped to business needs to ensure
    companies achieve tangible benefits from the project.  Before starting
    a project, ask: "Is this the right thing to do?"

2.  Break down projects in commensurable value pieces -- Do not discuss
    projects in terms of cost and functionality, but in terms of value-add.
    Cost and features will be part of the equation regardless, but by
    discussing value at all times and at all levels, business and
    technology suddenly meld together and prioritization decisions can be
    correctly made.

3.  Generate the right returns -- IT departments can find plenty of
    projects that promise a huge ROI, however if that promise lies too far
    in the future, often it may get lost along the way.  Instead, deliver
    smaller pieces of value more often, with short wins feeding back
    initiatives and gaining momentum for the long run.

"Companies need to ensure they are receiving the best value from all of their operations," said Leonardo Mattiazzi, vice president of international business at Ci&T. "Organizations that are able to realize increased benefits at a fraction of the investment cost are able to work more efficiently within the current economy, and will be better positioned for success once it rebounds."

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Ci&T delivers consulting, application outsourcing and digital marketing services in a unique way. Its "best-of-all-worlds" model combines the efficiency of offshore development with the convenience of a Western Hemisphere partner. Development centers in Brazil put creative marketing and technology expertise in near-local time zones, saving clients time and money and helping them to gain competitive advantages with a proven, real-time development partner. Ci&T specializes in customized application development, business intelligence, SAP consulting, digital marketing and Web 2.0 applications. Its clients include a diverse array of large and global Fortune 500 customers in the United States, Brazil and Europe. For more information, please visit

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