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June 06, 2007 11:03 ET

Cities of Chateauguay and Mercier Agree on Joint Development of an Economic Corridor

CHATEAUGUAY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - June 6, 2007) - Mayors Sergio Pavone, of the city of Chateauguay, and Jacques Lambert, of the city of Mercier, this morning announced a partnership agreement to develop an economic corridor. Development, management and promotion of this territory will be entrusted to an economic development corporation.

This marks the first time in Quebec that two municipalities have implemented this type of partnership - proof that mergers are not necessarily the solution to sustained economic development.

"This agreement shows that it is possible for cities to retain their political and administrative autonomy as well as assist in the development of structure-enhancing projects that have regional economic benefits," said Mayor Pavone.

The two mayors together acknowledged that it is essential for tangible actions be taken to revitalize the western sector of the region and create new and dynamic economic prosperity in the Roussillon regional county municipality (RCM).

"A study conducted by the firm Demarcom indicated that lost business represented a shortfall of more than $250 million for the western sector of our region," Mayor Lambert noted. "That statistic really hit home. As responsible stewards of our economic prosperity, we felt duty-bound to give ourselves the tools to curb the flight of business away from our sector."

The partnership agreement is a promising, bold response that will help ensure the sector's economic vitality and simultaneously represent a second wind that will benefit businesspeople already established in the region. It will mean beneficial, sustainable spinoffs for Chateauguay and Mercier, with both cities sharing in the revenues from projects developed jointly.

"The time for rivalries between neighbouring municipalities is past," Mayor Pavone emphasized. "From now on, the key to our cities' prosperity and growth is the capacity of our respective administrations to forge winning partnerships. To this end, the cities of Chateauguay and Mercier will not hesitate to rethink their operating methods in this area, to show openness, and to choose solutions that hold promise for all of our citizens."

The partnership agreement will eventually lead to the launch of an initial structure-enhancing project. One commercial project, which will combine a large public market and a daring agricultural-promotion venture, has already passed the feasibility-study stage and will be submitted for approval by Quebec's Commission de protection du territoire agricole.

The project calls for construction of a shopping centre that will enhance and complement the current supply in the region as well as provide a major showcase for local agriculture and products. The project takes into account the region's economic strengths and will be a powerful lever for the existing local economy. Other projects are expected to follow in short order.

On this subject, the mayors of Chateauguay and Mercier stated categorically that the choices they will make in favour of development of the economic corridor will be in harmony with the established economy and will help strengthen the region's social fabric.

Mayor Lambert said he is delighted that the forthcoming development projects will take into consideration the specific economic characteristics of the region, which include agriculture. "Farmers account for a significant part of our economic strength," he reminded his audience, concluding: "We want to make sure that they share in the opportunities that our agreement with the city of Chateauguay will bring."

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