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July 11, 2012 12:00 ET

Citizen Chef Aims to Reinvent Dinnertime With Easy and Freshly Prepped Gourmet Meals

San Francisco-Based Food Startup Takes the Prep Work out of Dinner and Puts You in Control

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) -

Core News Facts:

  • Citizen Chef launches today, offering fresh gourmet cooking kits that make dinnertime at home hassle-free. Citizen Chef handles the prep work for you, providing all of the benefits of cooking at home while saving you time and effort.
  • Founded and headquartered in San Francisco, Citizen Chef is the co-creation of Drew Taylor and Adam DeVito, who came together over their shared passion for improving eating habits in America.
    • Born and raised in Salinas, CA -- often called the "Salad Bowl of the World" -- Drew's mission was to create a company that made it easier for people to make healthy choices.
    • As a classically trained chef for over 25 years, Adam wanted to make it easier to cook healthy, intensely craveable meals at home.
  • Citizen Chef's fresh gourmet cooking kits include all the makings of a delicious, balanced meal:
    • 100 percent fresh, flavorful vegetables that are measured, washed and chopped
    • Wholesome, quick-cook grains, such as couscous or brown rice
    • Intensely craveable gourmet sauces made with all-natural ingredients
  • Prepped and ready-to-go with detailed recipe instructions -- anyone can make a delicious meal in 15 minutes, and feel good about it. Each kit contains two - three servings, and can be served as-is or supplemented with your choice of protein.
  • With seemingly less time in the day and increasingly poor eating habits, more Americans are looking for easy ways to eat healthy while juggling hectic work and family schedules. For working parents, Citizen Chef's gourmet cooking kits can also be a fun way to spend quality time with the kids in the kitchen.
  • Now available in Bay Area specialty grocers Mollie Stone's Markets and Whole Foods, Citizen Chef gourmet cooking kits retail for less than $10 each, and will satiate any palate -- even the gluten- and dairy-averse -- with a collection of diverse meal varieties:
    • Thai Sesame Stir Fry: Freshly cut batonnet carrots, purple cabbage, sweet red onions, and sugar snap peas simmered in a Thai sesame sauce with coconut milk, roasted sesame seeds, and a hint of ginger served over a bed of brown rice.
    • Tuscan Limone Garlic Sauté: Freshly cut broccoli florets, batonnet carrots, and sweet red onions simmered in a limone garlic sauce with fresh garlic, lemon peel, and extra virgin olive oil served over a bed of couscous.
    • Hawaiian BBQ Stir Fry: Freshly cut batonnet carrots, purple cabbage, and sugar snap peas simmered in a Hawaiian BBQ sauce with roasted tomatoes, fresh ginger, and a hint of sweet pineapple served over a bed of brown rice.

Drew Taylor, Co-founder, Citizen Chef
"There's something about the world today that makes it difficult to make simple, healthy choices. We wanted to make it easier for even the busiest of people to enjoy fresh, nutritious, and intensely craveable meals at home."

Jen Lee, Citizen Chef Customer, San Francisco
"Citizen Chef is exactly what I need -- it's embarrassing how often my roommate and I end up eating instant noodles or ordering online because we don't have the time to cook from scratch. Citizen Chef's fresh ingredients with easy-to-follow instructions like a salad kit (but warmer and more satisfying) are a godsend time and time again."

Amy O'Day, Citizen Chef Customer, Lone Tree, CO
"My husband got home earlier than I expected, and I needed something fast, so I decided to put Citizen Chef to the test. Everyone LOVED it! I'm huge on cooking fresh every night and do not cook pre-packaged, processed food, but this was as fresh as any meal I would make. I felt awesome about feeding it to my family. After we finished dinner, my kids wanted me to go back to the store to get more."

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About Citizen Chef:
Citizen Chef is a new meal solution focused on bringing healthy ingredients to people who are time strapped, on-the-go and want to cook at home. Included in each gourmet cooking "kit" are freshly prepped ingredients as well as detailed cooking instructions to prepare a delicious and balanced meal in only 15 minutes. In order to provide the best do-it-yourself experience possible, Citizen Chef works closely with family farms and a team of chefs to ensure cooking kits feature only the freshest, high quality ingredients. Founded in 2010 in San Francisco, more information can be found by visiting Follow Citizen Chef on Facebook and on Twitter.

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