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July 11, 2012 07:45 ET

Citizen Optimum Releases New Study Designed to Reveal What Really Makes Mom Tick

Citizen Mom will spend a year talking, studying and listening to Canada's most desired consumer

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 11, 2012) -

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Mom is a complex individual, inspiring role model and highly influential consumer, but don't call her Superwoman - she doesn't want it. Sure, we celebrate her strength, but the Superwoman ideal suggests mom can't fail. According to Citizen Mom, a new study commissioned by Citizen Optimum and powered by AskingCanadians, this kind of expectation doesn't reflect mom's reality or her self-opinion.

The Citizen Mom study confirms that motherhood is - logically and by definition - a centrally defining factor for all moms. When introducing themselves to someone for the first time, the majority of moms identify themselves as mother first, before woman and spouse. However, the self-interpretation of moms varies greatly. For instance, working moms have a greater likelihood than at-home moms to describe themselves as "woman" first. And, while most moms cast themselves in positive archetypes that tap into the heart and mind (like nurturer, intellectual and professional), they are twice as likely to describe themselves as a bitch, than a goddess, diva or vixen.

"Mom is a defining force in her personal world and coveted in the world of marketers and communicators," said Nick Cowling, Vice President and General Manager, Citizen Optimum. "Through Citizen Mom, a multi-layered dialogue, we want to explore the rich intersection of all of the many pieces of mom's life, to find out what makes her tick."

To establish a 360-degree view of mom's self-opinion, Citizen Optimum worked with AskingCanadians on a unique research methodology. The four-phased process (asking, discussing, listening and analyzing) is comprised of an omnibus survey, live online discussions, social listening and data analytics, combined to better understand the most important woman in our lives.

"By engaging moms in an ongoing dialogue to derive insights, the Citizen Mom study is taking an innovative approach that truly defines what customer-centric communication is all about," said Adam Froman, CEO, AskingCanadians. "As a partner in this initiative, we are thrilled Citizen Optimum has come to AskingCanadians to develop this process to connect with moms and understand the motivating factors within this community."

Phase one of Citizen Mom engaged 300 Canadian moms with kids ages 18 and under. The study took a close look at how working moms (66 per cent of those surveyed) and stay-at-home moms (33 per cent) see themselves and each other, revealing key insights on how we can better communicate with moms from coast-to-coast.

INSIGHT #1: Don't perpetuate the myth of mom as Superwoman. Without realizing it, you're adding unwanted pressure. Mom is multifaceted, but doesn't expect herself to be perfect at all she does.

INSIGHT #2: Rethink "aspirational." Telling mom she can have it all suggests she doesn't have enough or needs more. Stats show moms don't need work to be happy, at-home moms desire time with their spouse more than working moms, and precious time alone would be spent reading, sleeping or exercising.

INSIGHT #3: Working and stay-at-home moms are more similar than different. Most working moms do it for the money; most at-home moms do it for their kids. And, given the opportunity, one in five working moms would leave work, and half of at-home moms would return to work.

In general, both groups have made the choice to do what they do for the positive benefit to their family and because the option is seen as viable. Both find value in modeling their respective choices for their children. In fact, 30 percent of working moms and 32 per cent of at-home moms say it's important for their children to see them in their respective role.

Moms list a number of additional practical and emotional motivators for why they choose to work or stay at home.

Reasons working moms choose to work:

  • 70 per cent say it's the best choice in terms of family finances
  • 35 per cent say it's the most logical choice
  • 24 per cent say it suits their personal interests

Reasons at-home moms choose to be at home:

  • 66 per cent say it's the best choice for the well-being of their children
  • 29 per cent say it's more personally gratifying than the alternative
  • 26 per cent say it's the best choice in terms of family finances

There's no doubt about it, mothering is hard work. It's more thankless, more disruptive and even more isolating than imagined. These women warn about the influence motherhood can have on egos and relationships. But they also revel in the simple rewards - a smile, a hug - signs that they are making an impact. And they are quick to affirm one thing - empathy and understanding make it all worth it.

Stay tuned for more from Citizen Mom.

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