SOURCE: Citizens For Property Rights

May 30, 2012 12:27 ET

Citizens For Property Rights Temporarily Withdraws Initiative

SOUTHLAKE, TX--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - Citizens For Property Rights (CPR) has announced that it has temporarily withdrawn its Initiative Petition with the City of Southlake requiring the City to amend the current over burdensome "Gas and Oil Well Production" Ordinance 880-B, known as Article IV, Chapter 9.5 passed by the City Council in November, 2011 and accept an Amended 880-CPR Ordinance for public vote. The restrictions and timing for petitions is onerous.

CPR was formed to educate Texas citizens of their constitutional rights to safely secure royalties from their mineral estates on their owned properties.

The Petition required under the Texas Constitution home rule and Southlake Charter that the citizens of Southlake should have a vote over the oil and gas drilling ordinances in Southlake.

"We want safety first, but not to extremes," said Stephen Oren, Chairman of CRP. "Fracking is one of the most misunderstood issues in mineral harvesting today. We are determined to properly educate our citizens on the truth about mineral harvesting. We are supporting to present a video documentary this summer to our citizens debunking the false rumors and lies which have caused hysteria among the uninformed; rather than truthful logical reason to prevail."

Over 1,750 men, women and children have died in Tarrant County over the past ten years from drunk driving; over 5,000 men, women and teens have died from illegal substance abuse in ten years and not one death from gas drilling in Tarrant County in over 60 years. These are irrefutable facts citizens must understand. We are here to help education the citizens.

The Sierra Club and other environmental extremists are out to stop all fracking in the USA. One extreme Southlake regulation prohibits gas drilling during summer months. The same ordinances penalize a gas drilling gravel truck, if lost on a side street in Southlake to pay a $2,000 fine; yet a hospital gravel truck only pays a $193 fine. CPR believes these regulations are outrageous and discriminatory; thus prohibiting by excessive regulatory restrictions reputable oil and gas companies to do business with Southlake when they can go to other cities like neighboring WestLake in Tarrant County and not have to be penalized for doing business.

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