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April 27, 2012 13:03 ET

Citrugard™ Termite Control Introduces Unique One-Day, Eco-Friendly Termite Elimination Treatment in Tampa

New Company Opens Today for Termite Treatments, Launching "No Tents. Done In a Day."

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2012) - Citrugard Termite Control, which specializes in drywood and subterranean termites, officially opens its doors in Greater Tampa (serving Bradenton, Clearwater, Sarasota and Lakeland) today, where it will be the first to offer a one-day "No Tents. Done in a Day." treatment for drywood termites.

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year, and homeowners insurance does not typically cover repair costs.

"Tampa is one of the highest termite activity zones in the US," said District Manager Bill DiMarco, Citrugard Termite Control. "We're focused on the safe, effective way to get rid of termites and their eggs to protect families, pets and businesses from disrupting everyday life -- and the costs that come with it."

Eliminating Termites and Costly Inconveniences

Orange Oil is a natural solution that can be applied in one day without fumigation and tenting. It is safe for families and their pets to remain home during and after termite treatments. It eliminates the inconvenience and cost to uproot their lives for days at a time. The costs can add up quickly for hotel boarding, kenneling pets, and dining out for each meal. Orange Oil also protects families from having to replace their perishable household items, such as groceries and medications that would need to be removed during other treatment options.

Citrugard's "No Tents. Done in a Day." offers a discreet, quick service which is especially attractive to businesses, restaurants, hotels and schools that cannot afford to shut down for days, lose valuable time, or suffer a negative stigma caused by pest problems.

For drywood termites in particular, Citrugard's Orange Oil treatment is guaranteed to kill termites with natural environmentally-friendly solutions.

Orange Oil treatments are applied in one day without fumigation or tents. Without tenting homes, Citrugard protects families from being displaced and incurring additional costs for lodging, pet boarding, dining and other expenses. It keeps businesses running as usual without interruption. It is also ideal for multi-unit dwellings such as apartment complexes and duplexes as well as churches and schools.

"People can stay throughout the Orange Oil treatment if they want. It smells pleasant to us, but is scientifically proven to be biologically lethal to termites and their respiratory systems," said DiMarco.

How Citrugard's Orange Oil Works

Orange Oil is lethal to drywood termites and their eggs on contact because it destroys the wax coating of the termite's respiratory system, leading to suffocation and death.

Citrugard's Orange Oil is made of 95 percent pure d-limonene, a naturally occurring essential oil derived from citrus rinds, which is the highest concentration of orange oil products on the market. It holds a FDA3 GRAS Rating (Generally Regarded As Safe).

The oil is injected directly into areas where termites have been identified with high-tech structural building inspections by certified experts with years of experience. The trained technicians introduce Orange Oil into small holes into the infested drywood. The oil wicks through the wood, travels through porous cells in all directions, and soaks the surrounding area.

Citrugard offers free inspections and its services are automatically backed by a one-year warranty which can be extended for years.

Awareness Campaign for "No Tents. Done in a Day."

Citrugard's "No Tents. Done in a Day." awareness campaign features placements on billboards, radio, web and ads as well as its vibrantly branded service truck. The campaign is designed to educate consumers about the company's natural, non-toxic guaranteed methods to eliminate drywood termites with Citrugard's Orange Oil.

Visit, Facebook and Twitter to learn more about Citrugard's process, products and team of certified experts. For more information, email or call 855-MY-NO-TENT.

About Citrugard Termite Control

Citrugard Termite Control uses the lowest environmental-impact products available today to treat drywood and subterranean termites in the residential and commercial markets of Greater Tampa, Florida including Bradenton, Clearwater, Sarasota and Lakeland. For drywood termites, Citrugard uses an effective, environmentally-friendly "orange oil." For subterranean termites, it uses a variety of low-impact, environmentally-conscious control methods.

Its experts are certified and the company is backed by an independent parent company with more than 80 years of termite and pest control experience.

Citrugard is a member of the Florida Green Builders Coalition, the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Blandon Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, it is currently earning GreenPro and QualityPro certifications.

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