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June 18, 2015 08:00 ET

Citus Data Empowers Real-Time Big Data on PostgreSQL

Enables Massive PostgreSQL Scalability, Real-Time Analytics, and Much Lower Costs and Complexity Than Alternative Approaches

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2015) - Citus Data, which empowers real-time big data using PostgreSQL, today discussed its vision for CitusDB. The vision is CitusDB as a real-time big data SQL platform that can store billions of events, transform and aggregate them, and provide real-time queries, all within the same database. Citus Data today also announced that MixRank has standardized on CitusDB to power its Customer Discovery Platform, which helps B2B inside sales teams find new customers on a real-time basis.

CitusDB combines transaction processing with fast analytics on PostgreSQL for real-time big data. The ability to parallel process queries on real-time big data across a cluster of commodity servers allows organizations to both massively scale out a real-time database and dramatically speed up analytic queries. The capability to transform, aggregate, and serve real-time queries simplifies the real-time database architecture for companies. As a hybrid database, CitusDB allows users to adopt a single technology platform for their operational and analytics needs -- instead of different technologies for each -- which reduces cost and complexity.

Interest in PostgreSQL is growing rapidly. A 451 Research survey, Next-Generation Operational Databases: 2012-2016, reports that PostgreSQL is tied for the top alternative to MySQL. A 2015 article in TechRepublic highlights the growth of PostgreSQL and the ascendance of PostgreSQL hiring over MySQL. The reasons for the popularity of PostgreSQL include extensibility, scalability, JSONB support, and legendary reliability and stability. PostgreSQL is an excellent single-node database but doesn't natively support database clustering or parallel query processing.

Citus Data extends rather than forks the open source PostgreSQL database, making its solutions appealing to both existing PostgreSQL users as well as organizations that are on other database platforms such as MySQL, Hadoop, or MongoDB. Because Citus Data products are built on top of PostgreSQL, they also allow users to leverage new developments for the Postgres platform as they become available.

The Citus Data product family includes:

  • CitusDB is a hybrid operational and analytics database. The platform shards the database and replicates it across a scalable cluster of commodity servers for handling big data transactional databases as large as hundreds of billions of events or hundreds of terabytes. CitusDB delivers outstanding analytics performance by massively parallel processing queries across the nodes in the cluster to reduce query times on the real-time data up to 100x or more compared to single-node PostgreSQL. CitusDB is the only solution that delivers real-time big data ingestion, massive scalability, and fast analytics on the PostgreSQL platform, enabling users to cost effectively increase performance at scale. It is also transparent to the application layer so existing PostgreSQL databases can be upgraded to CitusDB without changes to their existing applications.
  • pg_shard is an open source extension for scaling out PostgreSQL across an extensible cluster of commodity servers to support massive datasets while creating a high-availability cluster. Pg_shard shards the database and replicates the shards multiple times on independent nodes across the cluster. Expanding the cluster is as easy as adding additional nodes.
  • cstore_fdw is an open source columnar store extension for PostgreSQL. Cstore_fdw compresses the database an average of 4 to 6 times by aggregating the database into manageable columnar store pieces and running the native PostgreSQL compression function on each piece. Reducing the data footprint allows more data to be loaded in-memory, which reduces query times, and advanced query processing features in cstore_fdw reduce query times further.


Jason Stamper, Analyst, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research
"The Citus Data technical team has proven experience in distributed data management and cutting-edge distributed systems design. The company's focus on extending PostgreSQL, rather than forking it, gives it a solid installed base to target with its CitusDB product. By making the pg_shard and cstore_fdw projects open source, the company is increasing its standing in the PostgreSQL user community and laying a foundation for potential CitusDB adoption."

Umur Cubukcu, CEO and co-founder of Citus Data
"The massive growth of data, the increasing need for sub-second analytics for customer-facing big data applications, and the rise of PostgreSQL all help create a need for Citus Data solutions. Companies may need to scale out their existing PostgreSQL deployment using pg_shard, reduce their query processing times and storage footprint using cstore_fdw, or reduce costs and increase responsiveness by merging their transactional and analytics databases on a single hybrid database environment with CitusDB. In all these cases, the Citus Data suite of products is well suited to the evolving demands of PostgreSQL and big data applications."

About Citus Data

Citus Data solutions empower real-time big data using PostgreSQL. The CitusDB hybrid database platform powers both real-time transactional and analytic workloads across hundreds of billions of events and terabytes of data while cutting query times 100x or more for both structured and JSON data. Citus Data also offers pg_shard, an open source extension for sharding and scaling out PostgreSQL across a highly available cluster of commodity servers, and cstore_fdw, an open source extension for creating columnar PostgreSQL tables that results in a 4 to 6x typical reduction in database size. Citus Data is a Y Combinator alumnus and is backed by investors that include Data Collective, Bullpen Capital and SV Angel. All Citus Data products are available for download at

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