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August 13, 2015 08:00 ET

Citus Data Set to Make 2015 Banner Year for Empowering Real-Time Big Data With PostgreSQL

Company Demonstrates Industry Leadership With New Products, Accelerating Adoption, and New User Conference During First Six Months of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 13, 2015) - Citus Data, which empowers real-time big data using PostgreSQL, today highlighted its continued momentum during the first half of 2015. During this period, the company delivered updates of its products, including a new version of CitusDB, a scale-out operational and analytics database built on PostgreSQL 9.4. Over the last six months, the company grew to nearly 20 employees, including new vice presidents of marketing and sales. Citus Data also demonstrated continuing customer adoption, releasing case studies from CloudFlare and MixRank, and announced that it is organizing the first annual PGConf Silicon Valley, the first dedicated PostgreSQL conference for the Silicon Valley user community.



  • CitusDB 4.0 is the latest release of the company's scale-out operational and analytics database for empowering real-time Big Data. Based on the latest PostgreSQL 9.4 release, CitusDB 4.0 enables companies to scale out PostgreSQL across a cluster of commodity servers and use massive parallel processing to distribute queries across the cluster for real-time responsiveness. The CitusDB 4.0 release improves performance and usability while migrating to the PostgreSQL 9.4 platform, which provides greatly enhanced support for unstructured data types with the new JSONB support.
  • Citus Data released a new version of the company's open source project, pg_shard, an extension for transparently scaling out PostgreSQL horizontally across commodity servers. pg_shard automatically shards Postgres tables and replicates the shards on multiple nodes in the cluster, ensuring high availability for PostgreSQL databases. Updates in the current release include improved performance and resource management, shard repair, script copying from the command line, and improved integration with CitusDB.
  • Citus Data released a new version of the company's open source project cstore_fdw, an extension for creating columnar PostgreSQL tables, which can reduce query times as well as the storage footprint. Updates in the current release include loading data directly into cstore_fdw from regular PostgreSQL tables, copying the contents of a cstore_fdw table to a file, and as much as a 90 percent improvement in memory usage.

Customer Momentum

  • CloudFlare has standardized on CitusDB to power all analytics and business intelligence (BI) on activity data from more than 2 million websites. CitusDB offered faster time to value because it is code-compatible with PostgreSQL and worked with CloudFlare's existing Postgres extensions, providing an 85 percent reduction in the cost of going into production compared to alternatives that offered fewer benefits. CitusDB also delivered real-time data ingest and sub-second queries across billions of rows for millions of domains, while enabling federated queries across domains to enable cross-customer visibility for product and sales teams. The CloudFlare cluster runs on commodity servers. Increasing the capacity of the cluster is as simple as adding additional servers and rebalancing the shards across the cluster. The cluster houses 100 TB of data using approximately 1 million shards, with each shard replicated to multiple machines.
  • MixRank has standardized on the CitusDB database platform to power its Customer Discovery Platform. MixRank is used daily by its customers' inside sales teams as a critical step in their workflows to narrow down and qualify B2B prospects and find new customers. With CitusDB, MixRank makes tens of terabytes of time series data immediately available to these teams. Serving as both an operational and analytics database, the CitusDB platform has enabled MixRank to scale its solution across a 20-node cluster of commodity servers. The result is a dramatic boost in performance while reducing complexity and decreasing hardware costs by more than 50 times compared to what would have been required without CitusDB.

Expanded Executive Team

  • Terry Erisman was named vice president of marketing, responsible for developing and executing on the company's worldwide marketing strategy and for managing the company's global brand. With 25 years of experience, Erisman has initiated and driven high revenue growth for multiple award-winning companies in the SaaS, open source, and enterprise software sectors, including Percona, DotNetNuke, Project Hosts, and CaseCentral.
  • Bill Schuler was named vice president of sales, responsible for developing and executing on the company's worldwide sales strategy. With nearly 25 years of experience in the database market, Schuler came to Citus Data from Percona, where he built the entire sales organization from the ground up, establishing and guiding all aspects of the department. Schuler has also held leadership positions at MySQL AB, Extended Systems, and Zachary Software.

Industry Leadership 

  • Citus Data announced the first annual PGConf Silicon Valley, a technical conference for the Silicon Valley PostgreSQL community. Organized by Citus Data, it is scheduled for November 17-18, 2015, at the South San Francisco Conference Center. PGConf Silicon Valley will feature speakers from leading Postgres users and vendors on topics such as performance tuning, backup & replication, PostgreSQL in the cloud, scaling out for big data, data analytics, and new technologies.


Umur Cubukcu, CEO and Co-founder of Citus Data
"The first half of 2015 has been stellar for Citus Data. With customers now able to demonstrate the remarkable benefits of CitusDB, we are seeing a dramatic acceleration in adoption, and we are continuing to grow the company to meet this new demand. I anticipate an equally exciting second half of the year and am already looking forward to 2016."

About Citus Data

Citus Data offers solutions that empower real-time big data using PostgreSQL. The CitusDB hybrid database platform powers both real-time transactional and analytic workloads across hundreds of billions of events while cutting query times up to 100x and supports both structured and JSON data. Citus Data also offers pg_shard, an open source extension for sharding and scaling out PostgreSQL across a highly available cluster of commodity servers, and cstore_fdw, an open source extension for creating columnar PostgreSQL tables that result in a 4 to 6x typical reduction in database size. Citus Data is a Y Combinator alumnus and is backed by investors that include Data Collective, Bullpen Capital and SV Angel. All Citus Data products are available for download at

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