SOURCE: City Capital Corp.

March 21, 2007 15:00 ET

City Capital Corporation Credit-Investor Program Expands Nationwide; Investors Use Credit Alone to Invest With No Funds Out-of-Pocket

NASHVILLE, TN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 21, 2007 -- City Capital Corporation (OTCBB: CCCN) has expanded its popular Credit-Investor Program that allows individual investors to participate in affordable housing initiatives nationwide, without using any of their own cash. The company keeps none of the rental or resale profits, and guarantees the investors' mortgage payments up to two years. Previously, only existing clients could participate. The company has now embarked on a nationwide campaign on XM-Satellite Radio as well as in many local markets.

Individuals with at least a 680 FICO score and $60,000 household income can qualify. City Capital's mission of "Socially-Conscious Investing To Empower Urban Communities" focuses on providing affordable homes for working class families, allowing average families to afford the American Dream. Credit-Investors allow the company to reinvest funds into more homes for more families. City Capital's assets and holdings range from real estate, such as the Kansas City (Missouri) Historic Jazz District redevelopment, to producing gas reserves and more.

City Capital CEO Ephren W. Taylor II stated, "Our partnerships with cities nationwide gives us economic advantages that lone investors can never hope to receive. We pass these on to Credit-Investors through 15-20% immediate equity and all the net rental and resale profits. We actually have planned resales for many of the homes 1 to 2 years from now."

Emerson Brantley, Chief Communications Officer, added, "It's a win-win-win proposition. Using their good credit alone, qualified investors can purchase these properties well below market value, yet own them 100% with no money down. City Capital handles all due diligence, acquisition, repairs, and property management. We do everything, the Credit-Investor does nothing and keeps the profits. We even guarantee mortgage payments for the first two years."

Credit-Investor spots were originally heard on the company's national financial talk show, "Soul of Success," that airs Saturdays at 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Family Radio XM170 and Washington DC-based WAVA-AM. The company has expanded these spots throughout the week, as well as in other markets across the country such as Nashville, Louisville, Honolulu, and Los Angeles.

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City Capital Corporation (OTCBB: CCCN) is engaged in leveraging investments, holdings and other assets to create self-sufficiency for communities around the country and the world. City Capital currently manages diverse assets and holdings including real estate developments, such as the Kansas City (Missouri) Historic Jazz District redevelopment; buying, selling & drilling of oil & gas properties, and more. The company recently signed a $50,000,000 equity line agreement with Rochester-based Lucien Group, allowing the company to focus on additional growth industry acquisitions for the company.

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