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City of Montreal

March 23, 2005 10:21 ET

City of Montreal/Construction of Chabanel Station-The City of Montreal is Commited to the Development of the Acadie-Chabanel District



MARCH 23, 2005 - 10:21 ET

City of Montreal/Construction of Chabanel Station-The
City of Montreal is Commited to the Development of the
Acadie-Chabanel District

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - March 23, 2005) - Montreal Mayor Gerald
Tremblay presented an action plan for the Acadie-Chabanel district,
which includes the city's commitment to add a station on the
Montreal-Blainville commuter train line.

"With our partners we have formulated an action plan aimed at
strengthening the garment industry, which is facing huge challenges in
the face of international competition. This plan is also seeking to
accelerate the diversification of the economic activity of the sector.
The decision by the Laurentian Bank and Aviva Canada insurance company
to establish offices with hundreds of employees at 555 Chabanel St.
corresponds perfectly with this plan to revitalize this sector," Mayor
Tremblay said.

Mayor Tremblay said the action plan includes different measures designed
to develop the area, which possesses both a strategic location and
assets to attract new businesses. The mayor said the construction of a
new Chabanel station would act as a catalyst for revitalizing the
L'Acadie-Chabanel district and is an essential element for the general
transportation strategy of the entire area.

Mr. Claude Dauphin, chairman of the Montreal Transit Corporation and
responsible for transportation for the city's executive committee, said
that the Chabanel station project must be realized. "In collaboration
with the AMT, we are exploring different scenarios so that the future
station and the transportation network can compliment each other and
ensure that this project benefits as many Montrealers as possible," said
Mr. Dauphin.

The action plan includes the construction of a new station and also
defines major development initiatives aimed at supporting the garment
and fashion industries, the forging of a partnership with the Chabanel
business community, a detailed plan for developing Acadie-Chabanel and
the review of a program to assist property owners in the sector.

"These major initiatives represent some of our combined efforts for
ensuring the revitalization of the Acadie-Chabanel sector. If we carry
out our plan with diligence and if our partners continue to support our
projects as they are presently doing, our attempt to renew this sector
will be a success. Montreal and the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville
will come out winners," said Alan DeSousa, who is responsible for
economic and sustainable development on the city of Montreal's executive

Important support for the Chabanel station

Yvan Bordeleau, MNA for Acadie, said he was delighted by the city's
commitment to build the new Chabanel station, which represents a project
that he has ardently supported over the past few years with the
Government of Quebec. "This achievement will certainly constitute a
highly valued tool in the renewal of Acadie-Chabanel and in achieving
optimal development of the Marche central, while offering another means
of transportation to local residents," said Mr. Bordeleau.

The Honourable Eleni Bakopanos, Member of Parliament for Ahuntsic and
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Social Development, said she
was delighted by the city of Montreal's decision to place special
emphasis on this initiative. "Having supported the Chabanel Station
project for many years, I believe that today's announcement is excellent
news for residents of Ahuntsic and for Chabanel's industrial and
commercial sector," said Ms. Bakopanos. "Chabanel Station is a major
project that will not only revive the fashion and textile industries but
the entire district, which requires adequate infrastructure for its
development," said Ms. Bakopanos.

Efforts to revitalize the Acadie-Chabanel district correspond with the
City of Montreal's economic development plan as well as its urban plan.
Representatives from the city administration's central departments are
already at work with their colleagues from the borough of
Ahuntsic-Cartierville to ensure that this renewal plan yields concrete
results in the very near future. Various discussions have taken place
between representatives of the public and private sector.

The industry's textile and garment industry provides 22,000 jobs in the
areas of design and manufacturing. This figure represents nearly 5% of
all workers within the city of Montreal and 90% of all industry workers
within the region. With production equal to 10% of that of the
manufacturing sector as a whole, this industry ranks sixth among
Montreal's manufacturing sector. Montreal ranks third in North American
garment and textile production, after New York and Los Angeles.


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