September 14, 2005 10:00 ET

City of Montreal/Imagining-Building Montreal 2025: Creating a Montreal that Lives Up to our Dreams

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 14, 2005) - This morning Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay released Imagining - Building Montreal 2025, A World of Creativity and Opportunities, a plan designed to improve Montrealers' quality of life and quality of place, as well as the quality of municipal services.

Work on the plan began at the Montreal Summit, when over 3,000 people joined forces to imagine the Montreal of tomorrow. The 27 borough summits and 14 sector summits led to 19 working groups and 82 priority projects. Drawing on all this productive work, the city of Montreal has devised a variety of policies, strategies and action plans. Imagining - Building Montreal 2025 is the fruit of these initiatives.

"We are out to create a Montreal that lives up to our dreams, ambitions and potential. Together, we have imagined the kind of Montreal we want. Now we have to step up the pace if we are to make our dreams come true. By 2025, we will have reached our goal: Montreal will be one of the leading cities in North America in terms of quality of life," explained Mayor Tremblay.

Imagining - Building Montreal 2025 focuses on two major objectives: a stronger municipal administration and integrated planning of development on the city's territory. To improve municipal management, the game plan announced by the Mayor today promises to constantly strive to offer efficient municipal services, recognize and motivate the city's human capital, hone the client-centred approach and emphasize project-based management.

Aiming for greater satisfaction

"We will relentlessly pursue our goal of improving residents' satisfaction with the services provided by the city. To do so, corporate services and the boroughs will concentrate on enhancing front-line services. Maintenance of public property, security and cleanliness will be improved," stressed the Mayor.

To build a Montreal that lives up to our ambitions, the plan proposes some one hundred projects and sets out development initiatives relating to five strategic directions, i.e.:

- Montreal, a city of knowledge, creativity and innovation;
- Montreal, an avant-garde cultural metropolis;
- Montreal, an outstanding place to live;
- Montreal, a city with efficient infrastructure;
- Montreal, a city open to the world.

"Implementing such a plan calls for the co-operation of the whole community, of course, but also increased support from our administration. We are striving to improve our efficiency so as to better support the development of the community. We also want to act as a leader in dealings with the provincial and federal governments so that everyone will benefit from the growth Montreal helps to generate, and to do so in a spirit of solidarity," added Mr. Tremblay.


To carry out this game plan, the Mayor also announced the creation of a "2025 strategic and tactical task force." The group will work to ensure that plan objectives are achieved and the various projects completed, as it oversees the implementation of Montreal 2025. It will be a veritable war room in charge of the dashboard and producing progress reports. It will oversee co-ordination and follow-up on answers to citizens' comments on the projects.

Montreal 2025: Visualizing and contributing to Montreal's development

Montrealers wishing to understand and monitor their city's development now have access to a new computerized tool allowing them to visualize projects under study or in progress. Projects launched by the city, other levels of government, public institutions, organizations or companies will be presented on the city of Montreal Website for public discussion and input. Project information sheets and other documents will be made available for each project, showing its status and its progress through the municipal approval process.

This computer application, available at, was designed using an all-new virtual model of the city of Montreal. The model will give urban planning authorities modern technical tools that will allow them to more efficiently design urban planning and development projects.

The "2025 strategic and tactical task force" announced today will be in charge of the ongoing development of the virtual model and the Website on the city of Montreal portal, marketing the "2025" concept and managing and co-ordinating projects.

"The remarkable collaboration among all players that we have seen since the Montreal Summit in 2002 must continue and even increase. Montreal 2025 will be the city we have all imagined. Now we must all build it together," concluded Mayor Tremblay.

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