June 23, 2005 10:00 ET

City of Montreal: You're Moving! Did You Forget Me?

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - June 23, 2005) - Once again this year, the Ville de Montreal and the Societe quebecoise pour la defense des animaux (SQDA) are calling on citizens to be responsible and show a sense of civic duty in order to curtail the abandonment of household pets that occurs during the moving period.

"There are many reasons why pets are abandoned. But, without a doubt, the greatest number of pets are abandoned during the moving period," said Mrs. Toni Andrea Belschner, president of the SQDA. "In July, it is not uncommon to find cats or dogs in empty apartments, on the streets or even in parks. Sadly, Montreal is one of the cities in North America with the highest number of stray cats."

For his part, Mr. Alan DeSousa, member of the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal and the Mayor of the Borough of Saint-Laurent, stressed that citizens are responsible for finding a new home for their pets if they want or need to part with them. "Tell your friends and family. Place a classified ad, if necessary. Your pet won't be able to find a new home without your help. Above all do not simply abandon them in the street or in a park hoping that a Good Samaritan will take care of them. This is unconscionable and cruel, because, in most cases, they die of cold, starvation or disease or they are simply run over."

As for taking pets to the pound, the SQDA notes that a significant proportion of the animals they receive are euthanized in the days following their arrival because of the difficulty in finding them welcoming homes. People should also avoid adopting pets during the summer vacation period if they have no intention of keeping them afterwards. We also lament the fact that many pets are abandoned at the end of the month of August.

In Quebec, 45% of households own a pet. Statistics show that they tend to keep the pet for an average of two years. As a result, thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned each year, most notably during the moving period.

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