June 13, 2005 13:25 ET

City of Richmond Deploys Government on Demand Environment With IBM Storage Virtualization Technology

Local Virginia Government Decreases Operating Costs and Consolidates Infrastructure to Improve Online Government Initiative

ARMONK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 13, 2005 -- Adding to its roster of more than 1,000 storage virtualization customers, IBM today announced that the City of Richmond has chosen IBM virtualization technology to help increase its storage utilization for its on demand government initiative. The City of Richmond Portal ( which targets four broad user communities -- citizens, government officials, business owners and employees -- allows the City of Richmond to deliver pertinent information and services such as job, healthcare and tax information, while significantly decreasing internal operating costs.

"By implementing this innovative IBM solution, we will be able to increase the performance, flexibility, and availability of our systems," said Elizabeth Mounts, the City of Richmond's Director of Information Technology. "This breakthrough technology will allow us to shift our storage needs on demand, enable infrastructure standardization and vendor independence, and reduce the impact of future migrations. It also will provide a single point of storage control and will significantly reduce our total disk storage expense across our heterogeneous storage offerings."

The City of Richmond developed a strategy to deliver information and services to an array of user communities ranging from the casual browser of government services to remote employees, and business owners requiring secure, reliable access to application and data services. IBM's information on demand strategy, and specifically its storage virtualization technologies, addressed all of the City's stated requirements: support for diverse storage arrays, utilizing open standards technology, and the ability to have highly secure technology.

IBM Business Partner Mainline Information Systems spearheaded the project for the City of Richmond and recently began implementation of IBM TotalStorage® SAN Volume Controller into the storage infrastructure. This SAN solution is designed to manage and support more than eight terabytes of data covering traffic conditions, police reports, job searches, and utility information. The new infrastructure is also supporting more than 85 different applications that government employees use to help run the day-to-day operations of the City such as e-mail support, revenue forecasts, and human services systems.

The main datacenter was comprised of more than 120 different servers from IBM, HP, Dell and Sun, each with its own direct attached storage solution from multiple vendors. Through a cost analysis completed jointly by Mainline Information Systems and the City of Richmond, the City determined it was underutilizing its storage technology resources. The City of Richmond believes that when fully implemented across its IBM TotalStorage® DS4000 and EMC CX300 and CX400 storage infrastructure, the IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller can help the City of Richmond utilize more than 85% of its storage infrastructure, an increase from 40% storage utilization.

"IBM's storage virtualization software allowed Mainline to develop a technology solution for the City of Richmond that consolidated their existing enterprise and midrange storage devices from multiple vendors into a single, multi-tiered architecture," said Lisa Seider, Mainline Account Executive. "Through the storage virtualization solution, the City now enjoys the capability to allocate storage on demand, reduce technology costs, and improve utilization rates across their infrastructure."

"Virtualization is the killer application for an information on demand environment -- the value of Information On Demand is that customers can use information to respond to changing market conditions faster," said John Nyland, General Manager, IBM Public Sector. "IBM's storage virtualization technologies unlock those proprietary locks EMC and other storage companies have put on customers for years. With IBM's storage virtualization solutions, customers can choose to virtualize their storage on any EMC, IBM, HP, or Hitachi devices."

More than 1,000 customers are currently using IBM's storage virtualization solutions on both heterogeneous and non-heterogeneous infrastructures. Storage virtualization helps simplify infrastructures by managing the complexities of the underlying storage environments. It is designed to help dramatically reduce costs associated with IT management using techniques such as creating a single virtual pool of information across the enterprise. Storage virtualization is a key component of IBM's Information On Demand strategy which is helping clients to integrate their business processes to better meet core functional requirements.

Earlier this month, IBM announced that Daishin Securities in Korea was using IBM storage virtualization technology to help give Daishin flexibility to adopt storage solutions without being dependent on any specific hardware vendor.

For this project, IBM's TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller was deployed to create a system designed to perform synchronous data mirroring from Daishin's Gwangmyung Data Center to its Yoido Disaster Recovery Center. Non-IBM and IBM storage equipment were used together to create a multi-vendor disaster recovery environment.

"IBM virtualization solution allows us to maximize availability of our on-line systems," said Shin-Ho Kang, Operations Department Manager, Daishin Securities. "Also, by introducing the most advanced technologies such as ILM to the virtualization solutions, integrated management of a certain vendor's internal replication and disaster recovery solution is possible, which makes operation and management much more easier."

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The desire by businesses to access, manage and deliver information more efficiently is driving rapid change in the IT marketplace. Traditional low-tech, hardware-only approaches by proprietary vendors are meeting with resistance as companies grappling with new government mandates and business demands strive to capture and integrate information in a more seamless, real-time fashion across the enterprise. IBM's information on demand approach combines deep business insight with open standards, advanced storage systems, sophisticated systems management software and leading information management software to create efficient, cost effective and flexible information infrastructures. Regardless of industry, IBM helps companies transform data into insight to enable information on demand.

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