November 20, 2013 09:00 ET

City Saves Over One Million Dollars by Switching to Business VoIP, Announces

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 20, 2013) - Communication within a bureaucracy is paramount, however it no longer needs to be expensive, thanks to cheap VoIP solutions. The executive policy committee (EPC) of Winnipeg, Canada, has decided to switch their city phone provider from traditional telephony provider, MTS, to a business VoIP service. The experts at Winnipeg stands to save over $1.5 million in the next five years, due to the more affordable service that business VoIP provides.

The Deal
Though MTS objected the switch, the EPC rejected its request to retender their $6 million contract. The new deal involves changing over 4,000 phones from landline to VoIP service. MTS voiced concerns that such a large transition would cause great difficulties, but the EPC remained unwavering. The deal went to the VoIP provider, FlexITy, which offers cloud based voice and data solutions.

This is another victory for VoIP, which has been taking over the telecommunications market in recent years. VoIP first gained a foothold in large businesses and quickly distinguished itself as an affordable and effective mode of communication. Small to medium sized business and residential users followed the VoIP trend soon after. Now, cities, municipalities, and government agencies are beginning to transfer their phone services to VoIP.

Growing Popularity of VoIP
Winnipeg is not the first city to save its taxpayers money by switching to VoIP. South Bend, Michigan switched its entire governmental phone system to VoIP in 2012. Once the cost of the phone system is paid for, South Bend stands to save over $240,000 per year thanks to the inexpensive VoIP service. It has now become fiscally irresponsible for cities not to switch their phone systems to VoIP.

Taxpayers hate to see their money wasted, and that is why cities throughout the country have become increasingly pressured to switch their phone systems to a more affordable VoIP solution. VoIP systems can also offer their customers a more advanced set of features due to the increased versatility of a system connected through broadband internet rather than analog phone lines.

Everyone Can Save
Cities aren't the only ones that can use business VoIP to save money. Businesses with anywhere from one to two lines, or all the way to over 100 lines can use VoIP to lower their monthly phone bill. Business VoIP Providers like Vocalocity, Jive, and RingCentral all offer much cheaper business phone deals than their traditional competitors. With each company attempting to outdo the other, business phone prices have been plummeting. It has never been more affordable to have an advanced phone system, especially when you compare business VoIP providers.

For any cities, municipalities, government agencies, and even businesses looking for a cost effective phone service, Vocalocity has a solution. The Vocalocity Unlimited Extension plan is tailored for customers looking for a high volume of phone lines for a low price. At $39.99 per line, per month, Vocalocity's Unlimited Extension plan could offer customers an internet phone solution for a fraction of the price of existing systems. The expanse of VoIP popularity and technology has created opportunities for customers looking for any number of phones to save money by making the VoIP switch.

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