June 23, 2008 08:00 ET Challenges Standard Online Ad Revenue Model

Changing the Status Quo, Offers Industry's First Accurate Online Advertising Tracking Platform

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - Since its inception, online advertising has offered inaccurate payment models with advertisers paying for unviewed ads. With the Advertising Billboard Platform, advertisers can now accurately track when an advertisement is rendered in a visible area of a viewer's browser directly effecting ROI.

Formally ADNET Technology, provides a more streamlined and cost-effective advertising solution for local businesses looking to precisely target and track their main audience with the support of a Cost Per View (CPV) model. CPV is a 'new' model that charges advertisers (and pays publishers) based on when the online ad has appeared in the visible area of a browser rather than when the Web page the ad is placed on has been requested by a viewer.

Typically with most online advertising payment models, like Cost Per Thousand (CPM), advertisers are charged and Web sites are paid based on Web page requests. Advertisers are sometimes forced to pay for views that don't even occur because ads might not have loaded entirely or have been placed in a position on a Web page that needs the viewer to scroll to view the ad, such as 'below the fold.' This can dramatically impact advertiser's return on investment (ROI), as they don't have a true understanding of whether or not any of their ads have actually been seen. With, advertisers have the ability to not only track if ads are displayed within the visible area of a viewer's browser but get accurate response data so they can quantify their results.

Broadway Across America -- Utah did a one week run of online video advertising in Salt Lake City to promote the popular percussion show STOMP and needed a way to maximize their ads to reach their target audience. " allows local businesses like mine to create a high-quality video advertisement at a low cost, and actually find out how many times our ads have been viewed, and by how many different viewers," said Elisabeth Nebeker, Broadway Across America -- Utah. "When I learned that many of the views I paid for on Web sites in the past did not even occur, I realized that not only was I being billed inaccurately but my response results were also not accurate. I truly hope this technology helps make changes to how advertiser's online campaigns are reported and billed for."

Web publishers have been losing out on ad revenue since they can't charge advertisers the same amount of money if the ad is further down on the Web page. To maximize a Web page space and business opportunities, publishers need more sellable space where they can charge accordingly, accurately and consistently across the board.

"Prior to CPV, there have been a lot of missed opportunities in ad revenue for us," said Janalee Clements, director of marketing, KJZZ TV. "Since we are able to better quantify who sees what and when with the Billboard Platform, our online ad spaces have become more valuable. Now we can actually show reach and frequency, just like when we sell television advertising, which helps us to monetize our Web traffic, including ad positions 'below the fold.'"

"Typically smaller advertisers don't know if their ad has been viewed or worse, are charged a lot of money even if they haven't been viewed since they were placed in an undesirable area on a Web page," said Alan James Edwards, executive vice president and co-founder of "Our tracking features provide an understanding of whether or not an ad has been seen, and by how many unique viewers in an area, which helps advertisers know how well they have reached their market. In addition, it financially benefits the Web publishers as they can now charge for the real value of a viewed ad."

The new Billboard Platform features include:

--  Third-party rich media display and video advertising platform based
    on Cost Per View methodology accessible to the majority of Web sites on
    the Web
--  Visible area ad impression tracking
--  Video preview play button plays video ad three-quarters of the page
--  Ability to retrieve information from Web page to determine the best ad
    on the billboard within the site
--  Patented FSDC (File Server Direct Communication) tracking sends all
    information to the ad dispatcher server from the ad module
    without redirects or log file tracking

The Billboard Platform enables local businesses that traditionally have been unable to leverage the power of the Internet due to cost and technology hurdles, to leverage appealing and eye-catching online videos to attract new customers.

About is the only video advertising network that lets local businesses take advantage of the power of online advertising. Local businesses can use to easily create high quality video ads for distribution on the regional Web sites their potential customers visit every day. displays advertising based on the viewer's location, so advertising gets in front of the potential customers that local businesses want to reach most. Online publishers can use the ad engine to turn their Web sites into revenue generating machines, populating their sites with localized advertisements that are relevant to their visitors in addition to running their own video promotions and advertisements on their Web site and other Web sites on the network.

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