SOURCE: Civic Enterprises, LLC

June 24, 2008 12:51 ET

Civic Enterprises LLC to Address Dangers of Increasing Pipeline Failures by Offering Eight Seminars on Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction and Management

NEW MILFORD, CT--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) - Dr. Jeyapalan & Associates is a leading global company providing cutting edge services in market research, engineering, litigation support, expert testimony and training in pipelines, cables, tunnels, underground structures, optical fiber and sharing existing and new underground infrastructure for multiple functions.

The pipeline industry today is often faced with costly design or construction mistakes resulting in pipes failing, time-consuming litigation, and premature aging of infrastructure, taxing (literally) the public coffers that often fund the systems. Contemporary pipeline technology can produce extremely reliable and cost-effective systems and yet many outcomes are compromised due to limited resources to keep industry professionals current on advances in the field. Additionally, utilities and municipalities are not taking advantage of the potential to collaborate in order to build solutions together. As a result roads are ripped up multiple times as each utility lays pipe solely to meet its specific purpose. However, professionals can address the challenges and bring new opportunities into play by integrating the latest advances and thinking into their work throughout the globe. Despite its dominant role in the global economy, in America this year over 40,000 major sewage spills will cause serious waterborne illnesses for over 3 million people. There will also be more than 300,000 major water line breaks causing more than 30 % of treated potable water lost between treatment plants and taps in additional to billions of dollars worth of third party damage. Most developed countries such as America with aging underground pipe networks would need extensive funding and a better knowledge base in the coming decade to get the design, construction and management of pipelines right. India and China, while being the fastest growing economies in the world, have yet to invest in water lines and sanitary sewer networks to play catch up with the industrialized nations to maintain better health, thus needing their professionals better trained in the advances in pipeline technologies.

Civic Enterprises LLC is committed to realizing the above dreams throughout the globe by offering seminars in Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction and Management, truly independent of any vendor participation.

Who should attend?

--  Engineers serving the water, waste water, oil, gas, chemical
--  Contractors in utilities
--  Engineers managing utilities
--  Public works directors
--  Manufacturers of pipe and related products
--  Trade associations
--  Trenchless technology companies
--  State and federal agencies
--  Municipalities and utilities
--  Owners of pipeline assets
--  Attorneys in the construction industry
--  Stock analysts, fund managers, private equity firms in infrastructure
--  University Professors
--  Specification writers
--  Planners
--  Procurement officials

Eight seminars have been scheduled for Boston, Orlando, Houston, Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Seattle during August 2008. More details on these seminars and how to register can be found at

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