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December 12, 2008 12:30 ET

Clarification of Shareholding

                                   INVESTMENTS WEST MIDLANDS PLC ("IWM")

                                       Clarification of Shareholding

It has come to the attention of the Directors of IWM that the First Day of Dealings announcement made on 15
August 2005 wrongly stated that Gordon Alan Harvey, a Director of IWM both then and now, had subscribed for
a further 100,000 ordinary shares.  This was incorrect in that it was the partner of Gordon Alan Harvey who
made  that share subscription.  All references to Gordon Alan Harvey as holding 600,000 ordinary shares  in
IWM at that time were incorrect.  His holding was then and always has been 500,000 ordinary shares. Due  to
changes  in  company law, Gordon Alan Harvey and the shares of Gordon Alan Harvey's partner should  now  be
aggregated so Gordon Alan Harvey's share interest is now 600,000 shares.

The same announcement also stated that £225,000 had been raised at 3p per share.  This again was incorrect.
The true figure raised was £222,000.

Again  and finally the same announcement stated that the number of ordinary shares in issue was 12,625,000.
This  should  have  read 12,555,000 ordinary shares. The Directors are interested in a total  of  1,100,000
ordinary shares in the Company which equates to 8.76% of the issued share capital.

The  purpose  of this announcement is to clarify the true position.  This is and always has been  correctly
and accurately set out in the accounts of IWM and also on the PLUS website.

The directors accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


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