July 16, 2013 19:01 ET

Clarityn App Offers Help for Hayfever and Allergy Sufferers

Award Winning App Can Help Allergy Sufferers Better Deal With High Pollen Count Days

Are allergies getting you down? If so, then Clarityn has some very good news for you

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - July 16, 2013) - Seasonal allergies and hay fever; those itching and watering eyes can make life miserable for millions of people in the UK. According to National Allergy Week reports, at least fifteen million people in the UK alone are affected by seasonal allergies.

In order to combat that problem, wouldn't it be wonderful to know on which days the pollen count is particularly high? Clarityn has the solution to that problem with an award winning mobile application. The free app give hayfever and allergy sufferers the information they need before they head out for the day.

The hayfever application, which is free for download, offers several very interesting perks for the allergy sufferer. Functional on a wide range of different mobile phones, the application can offer a tailor made forecast for you through national, regional, or local pollen forecasts. In addition, the mobile Clarityn Allergy Pollen Forecast app offers you notifications that you can set to alert you if the pollen reaches a given level in your region.

Dr. Adrian Morris, expert consultant for Clarityn Rapide, who is based in the Surrey Allergy Clinic in London, explained the issues: "The countryside with high summer levels of tree and grass pollen was always presumed to be bad for hayfever sufferers, but what most people don't know is that in urban areas, these pollens attach to the diesel exhaust particles from cars. These particles are particularly adept at carrying pollen deeper into the airways or attaching to the nasal membranes. Lifestyle factors, such as a lack of time and water on the daily commute to work, can make the taking of symptom-relieving medication difficult."

The new Clarityn app also offers a mould and spores function to assist those who are allergic to the different spring and summer moulds that may appear. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know ahead of time when you might suffer most?

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