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October 09, 2009 18:23 ET

Classified Newspaper Advertising -- Home Business Secret Weapon

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire - October 9, 2009) - Newspaper advertising has helped work from home business opportunities pick up the slack of employers with less than enough jobs to go around.

The same way that recruiters have employed newspaper advertising as a hiring vehicle, many of these business opportunities are making use of their local, state and national newspapers in their recruiting efforts.

These business opportunities are often multi level marketing (MLM) organizations. MLM companies have been around as long as many of us can remember: Amway, Avon, Tupperware, HerbaLife, etc.

It seems that as the unemployment rate goes up the barriers of what one will not consider goes down. Call it desperation, call it the desire to work less and earn more, whatever the case, business opportunities are on the rise.

US Newspapers, an advertising agency specializing in mass newspaper advertising, receives a significant amount of business from recruiters looking for new hires. However, a quick look at the national unemployment rate, now almost 10%, inevitably represents a significant loss of recruiters. The business has been replaced with a spike in MLM partners and distributors.

"We place a lot of Business Opportunity ads," says Jim Trammel, the company's president. "There are a lot of independent business people involved in MLM organizations that are increasing their recruiting efforts because of the rising numbers of unemployed people in need of income."

Some of the stigma that MLMs previously donned is being lifted. With companies like HerbaLife going public and even growing into a Fortune 500 company, the life of an "independent distributor" doesn't sound half bad. Work from home, make your own hours, the website even offers "up to 73% of retail dollars to its Independent Distributors..."

US Newspapers has had great success with many HerbaLife distributors, as well as several other well-known MLM organizations. The group buys that they offer are a quick, easy, inexpensive solution for individuals marketing to large audiences, anywhere nationwide.

Robert Dutton, an independent HerbaLife rep distributor, says, "I have been very pleased on the results I have received growing my business with the advertising in US Newspapers. The process is very simple and efficient! This allows me to spend more time on growing my business."

Newspaper advertising has always been a driving force in recruiting. While the traditional "Help Wanted" ads are dwindling, the business opportunities ads are increasing and more importantly, succeeding.

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