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Clavis Technologies Co., Ltd.

June 28, 2011 09:27 ET

Clavis Technologies Develops the RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking System in Gaeseong Industrial Complex for The Ministry of Unification

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - Jun 28, 2011) - The Ministry of Unification (MOU) has manually and irregularly checked the computer assets owned by 122 South Korean manufacturers in Gaeseong Industrial Complex (Gaeseong), located in North Korea, theft and administrative errors happen frequently according to Clavis Technologies. To improve this situation, MOU selected Clavis Technologies (OTCBB: CTLH) (Clavis) to realize the RFID-enabled asset tracking system which can automatically manage and update data, verify the current status of assets entering and exiting the system, and connect the data through the process of registering computer information and confirming RFID data in Seoul and the physical assets in Gaeseong's remote locations.

Clavis has focused on convenience for users in the processes of printing RFID labels, correcting data of RFID tags and checking the print history as well as scalability of information that users want to add to RFID tags. "We appreciate the Ministry's trust in our systems and will strive to improve tracking for the government and South Korean Manufacturers in such an important economic zone," said CEO Mr. Hwan Sup Lee.

In this project, the Ministry has begun the checking of computer systems and important strategic goods to protect against theft, and plans to expand into other strategic goods, like appliances, machines and gas tanks, etc., by connecting to the Korean Customs Service systems and creating a tracking system to hold the information for all government agencies.

About GaeseongIndustrial Complex (GIC)
The GIC is an industrial park located in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) just across the demilitarized zone from South Korea. Currently, over 50 medium-sized South Korean companies are using North Korean labor to manufacture products in Gaeseong, but projections are for as many as 2,000 firms to locate there. The complex was planned, developed, and financed largely by South Korea, and supported by the US and has become a symbol of the growing level of engagement between the North and the South.

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Clavis Technologies International Co., Ltd. ("Clavis Technologies") has been a key developer of EPCglobal Network software. Clavis provides ubiquitous computing solutions using its proprietary RFID middleware which is based on the Electronic Product Code Network and mobile financial solutions, with clients like IBM Korea, SKC, Alien Technology Asia, KT Networks, NextID and many others.

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