September 01, 2010 16:58 ET

CLCREE Program Assists Homeowners in Alleged HAMP Mismanagement

REDLANDS, CA--(Marketwire - September 1, 2010) - The Center for Litigation and Consumer Real Estate Education (CLCREE) is proud to announce an affordable program to assist homeowners in pursuing a legal solution against their lender's alleged mismanagement of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) in Small Claims Court. This mismanagement has placed many homeowners in "loan modification limbo" according to Alan Sims, CEO of CLCREE.

CLCREE's program is available now with a fee of $150 dollars plus court costs. CLCREE will provide education for Small Claims case presentation and preparation, a mock trial, assistance with the proper documents, including suing the proper parties, and a declaration by an experienced legal expert witness. Due to demand for this low cost service homeowners should contact CLCREE by email at:

Many homeowners have relied on their lenders for a loan modification and found themselves in an "emotional roller coaster" with poor customer service, lost documents, and unfulfilled promises that no one will honor.

"While CLCREE has assisted hundreds of homeowners in Small Claims Court in related issues, our first case will represent a homeowner who filed to take Bank of America to Small Claims Court to prove deceptive practices," according to Sims. The homeowner paid Bank of America over $9,000 in trial loan payments only to be told after an emotionally draining twelve months that they did not qualify for the HAMP program.

The homeowner charges Bank of America with "Fraud and Undue Influence under California Civil Code." The homeowner's demand is for a monetary award of $7,500 dollars based on fraud, and will present this judgment to the credit reporting agencies in an effort to adjust their severely damaged credit score. CLCREE also offers homeowners other legal remedies for those who have lost more than $7,500, the California Small Claims Court's monetary limit.

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