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March 18, 2008 09:41 ET

Clean Machine Can Help Consumers and Small Business Owners Get Up to $5,000 Worth of Free Fun and Functional Software

Clean Machine's Trained Technicians Will Efficiently Install, Update and Optimize Hundreds of Available Free Software Products and Prevent Common System Conflicts

FAR HILLS, NJ--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - Clean Machine Inc., a global provider of remotely administered PC security and performance management services, is wasting no time in expanding its PC Concierge Service which launched last month as the computer industry's most comprehensive and cost effective PC security and system optimization solution. Priced at $200 per year, Clean Machine's PC Concierge Service provides a continuous level of functionality and value superior to big box retailer "Geek Squads."

"Clean Machine was founded because the average home-based and small business PC user is looking for simplicity, security, performance and value," says Clean Machine CEO and founder Larry Gordon. "Unfortunately, when it comes to downloading free software; simplicity and performance and security often suffer in the name of value. That's why we're immediately expanding the scope of our basic PC Concierge Service for existing and new customers to include freeware installation and maintenance on an ongoing basis at no additional charge. Our unique model makes Clean Machine the only company that can do this."

Clean Machine customers don't have to be bothered with finding or installing the free software. Their assigned PC Concierge Technician will take care of all the details. There are no hidden fees or expirations to worry about either. "The Clean Machine advantage is that you have an expert on your side who will not only give sound advice, but will actually do the work for you, including the annual renewals," says Gordon. "This is another example of how our technicians not only keep your machine running quickly and safely, they can also add value and productivity."

Examples of the value-boosting free software available through Clean Machine include top-rated titles in the following categories:

--  Operating Systems
--  Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Security
--  Firewalls
--  Office & Finance
--  System Backup & Sync
--  App Launchers
--  Calendar/PIMs
--  Utilities
--  Interface Enhancement
--  File View/Conversions
--  Networking
--  Blogging
--  Instant Messaging
--  Communications
--  Audio/Video
--  Graphics/Photography
--  Browsers
--  Games & Fun

"Although its been estimated by some industry experts that there is more than $5,000 worth of freeware worth downloading from the Internet, it's really hard for the average user to tell the good from the bad from the ugly -- the ugly being freeware that is nothing more than a Trojan horse that will load up your system with spyware and malicious code," warns Gordon. "We strongly suggest that consumers who are not Clean Machine customers always check freeware reviews on reputable web sites such as or before they download anything. Clean Machine customers on the other hand, have access to highly trained technicians who have the latest reference list of safe freeware as well a list of software downloads that should be avoided at all costs. They will advise PC Concierge customers accordingly."

Using Clean Machine's PC Concierge Service to download freeware is much easier, more convenient and safer for the average consumer or small business owner than doing it themselves. "Our customers simply send their assigned PC Concierge Technician an e-mail listing which kind of free software they want installed and we do it for them -- usually after hours to avoid any downtime associated with downloading and system restarts," explains Gordon.

The most important reason to have Clean Machine manage the freeware installation process may be because it ensures optimal computer performance. According to Gordon, "It's very common for PC users to download software into incorrect system folders or to create conflicts with previously installed security software that can disable critical system protection functions. Our PC Concierge technicians ensure that all freeware is installed correctly, works in conjunction with previously installed software, and is updated when new versions become available." Clean Machine's freeware installation and maintenance service is the latest example of how the company's unique model of monthly virtual visits and ongoing support is providing PC and laptop users with unsurpassed simplicity, performance and value. For more information, send an inquiry to or visit

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Clean Machine Inc. is a NJ-based and incorporated company that helps consumers and small business owners easily manage and protect their computing environments safely and cost-effectively. The company has a unique, powerful and inexpensive PC Concierge Service. Specifically, for $200 per month (discounts available for multiple computers), each customer is assigned a highly trained tech concierge who remotely examines their computer system on a scheduled and very secure basis. The tech concierge will immediately fix software-based problems and prevent new threats to the customer's computing environment including offensive pop-ups, browser redirects and slow performance, and then provide a detailed report. Clean Machine's proprietary Radar™ technology (Remote Access Detection Audit and Repair) allows its expert technicians to remotely resolve any problems, eliminating the need for customers to go through the frustrating process of speaking with a tech support expert, and still having to do the work themselves. The company recently expanded its PC Concierge service to include the installation, optimization and ongoing management of freeware selected by its customers at no additional cost. In other words, the Clean Machine PC Concierges do it all. For more information on Clean Machine, its PC Concierge Service and how to become an authorized reseller, please visit

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