SOURCE: Clean Water Scientific, Inc.

May 20, 2008 08:00 ET

Clean Water Scientific, Inc. Launches New Oxygenation Product for the Aquaculture Industry

RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwire - May 20, 2008) - Clean Water Scientific, Inc. (CWSI) announces the launch of a new innovation for the fish farming industry, the AquaClens for Agriculture oxygenation system. CWSI's AquaClens for Agriculture is more energy efficient and reliable than traditional oxygenation systems, reduces operating costs and is environmentally friendly. Effective oxygenation is extremely important for optimal fish health, which leads to higher yields and profitability for fish farmers.

AquaClens for Agriculture uses the patented "Add-O-Mizer" technology, which was developed by Dennis Mast, Ph.D., general manager of CWSI. Mast observed the need for the technology after he discovered problems with current aeration methods in commercial fish farming facilities. These methods include electric paddle wheel aerators, electric pump-sprayer aerators and electric aspirator pump aerators. All of these devices require a significant amount of energy to run and constant maintenance and upkeep, leading to lower profit margins and higher energy costs.

"Water quality is an important issue for the fish farming industry," said Mast. "In this competitive market it is important to have every advantage to maximize the profitability of fish farming operations. At CWSI, we have proven that our patented oxygenation products produce healthier fish utilizing less feed and shorter growth cycles."

The core focus of the "Add-O-Mizer" technology in AquaClens for Agriculture is to allow for a gas -- in this case oxygen -- to be added to a liquid -- in this case water -- in the form of tiny microbubbles. These tiny microbubbles of oxygen produced by AquaClens for Agriculture allow fish to achieve marketable size while using less feed. These microbubbles saturate the water and raise the oxygen level of a given fishpond to the desired level. Because these microbubbles are so small and fill the water so densely, the oxygen is slow to dissipate from the water.

CWSI is committed to developing technology solutions for improving the water resources of our world. AquaClens for Agriculture products are currently being installed at fish farms across the United States.

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Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., Clean Water Scientific, Inc. (CWSI) was established after founder Dennis Mast earned a patent for cleaning wastewater using an ultra-high efficiency oxygen and ozone diffuser process. Used to clean household, business and industry water supplies from their original sources, the "Add-O-Mizer" technology ensures that every water source emits safer, cleaner, water, free of chemicals and bacteria. This landmark oxygenation process is also vital to the emerging aquaculture industry for efficient oxygenation, feed conversion and faster fish production. For more information, visit

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