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January 22, 2008 08:00 ET

ClearCube Introduces New Hardware Enhancements to Enable Powerful PC Blade-Based Centralized Computing Solutions for Ultra-Secure, High-Performance Environments

Products Surpass Security, Connectivity and Performance Requirements of Trading Floors, Government, International and Command and Control Environments

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - ClearCube Technology, the market leader in centralized computing solutions, today announced a series of new hardware offerings that define the latest in PC blade technology, with enhancements that meet the functionality requirements of the most demanding power users, delivering the latest advancements in ultra-secure high-end performance in centralized computing.

ClearCube's new R1350 PC Blade combined with new connectivity solutions, the C7420 Fiber C/Port and the I9420 I/Port, leverage recent ClearCube-introduced technology improvements to deliver the most secure, high-performance PC-over-IP functionality and fiber connectivity. When deployed with ClearCube's VDI Management System, Sentral™, ClearCube's customers can manage dedicated centralized computing solutions for power users as well as virtual desktops for knowledge and task workers. (See related announcement, "ClearCube Unveils Version 5.6 of Sentral™ VDI Management System.")

"What is driving all of the desktop management efforts is the critical IT need to improve security, increase control and assure near telephone-like uptime for PC users," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for the Enderle Group. "High-performance PC blade technology currently provides the best enterprise solution to meet all of these needs in the most demanding IT shops. ClearCube was the technology leader that created the PC blade segment in the first place and the market expects them to lead it."

The three hardware products announced today include:

--  R1350: ClearCube's newest PC blade features genuine Intel® Core™
    2 Duo processors, DDR2-667 memory and PCI-Express® graphics, as well as
    support for PCoIP and the Trusted Platform Management (TPM) 1.2, offering
    the highest performance and best manageability of any desktop blade
    computers available today.
--  I9420: For the first time, power users can take advantage of full-
    performance desktop computing solutions unhindered by distance with the
    dual monitor-capable I9420. The ClearCube transparent desktop extension
    technology leverages new Teradici PCoIP™ technology to enable I9420
    desktop clients to break the distance barrier, delivering a "perfect" high-
    end PC experience via the network for one or two monitors while
    transparently redirecting USB from the desktop back to the PC blade. The
    resulting end-to-end digital video produces high performance while
    delivering optimal display quality at the desktop.
--  C7420: An ultra-secure computing solution that delivers full
    performance video unhindered by distance with the dual monitor-capable
    ClearCube C7420 Digital Fiber C/Port. The C7420 C/Port is connected to
    ClearCube PC blades with 62.5µm or 50µm fibers -- the same cabling used for
    distributed PCs with fiber optic Ethernet cards. When deployed using a
    secure point-to-point fiber connection, information displayed to the
    desktop will not co-mingle with any network data traffic, and users cannot
    disconnect the fiber for use with a PC or notebook.

"ClearCube pioneered the PC blade market, and over the past 12 months, we have introduced cutting edge PC blade technology, improving performance at the desktop and shattering the distance barrier previously inherent to centralized computing," said Rick Hoffman, president and CEO of ClearCube. "With ClearCube's new hardware, end-users now have the computing power, availability and security necessary to efficiently conduct their jobs with ease."

The new hardware offerings are designed for high-end trading floors requiring powerful performance, availability and security as well as command and control environments within U.S. and international public-sector customers. The R1350 in combination with the I9420 or C7420 supports a PC-over-IP architecture -- and the C7420 supports fiber connectivity. By capitalizing on an Intel-sponsored standard, Trusted Platform Management (TPM), which is required by specific federal entities, customers can centralize their desktop resources in the data center and place desktops far from that data center, securely connecting the users to the central resource by digital Ethernet over a fiber medium.

"ClearCube continually develops hardware that best utilizes technology enhancements from Intel," said Stephen Price, director of marketing, Performance Product Division at Intel. "A good example is ClearCube utilizing Intel Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology and our integrated graphics solutions to deliver the security and performance end-users are demanding."

"A centralized computing solution from ClearCube is ideal for government entities that benefit from the security provided by keeping mission critical data in one place and minimizing the risks associated with extending it out to command and control environments," said Roger W. Chilcott, Jr., senior engineer at SENTEL Corp. "ClearCube's newest hardware leads the industry in meeting the highest standards required by government entities, including new policies regarding Intel standards and fiber connectivity."

Features and Benefits

The new hardware offerings from ClearCube provide a variety of new features:

--  Video Support -- The new ClearCube hardware delivers up to 32-bits of
    color depth and supports two monitors at 1600x1200 resolution with true
    multi-head monitor support. The connectivity solutions are completely OS
    agnostic, and this means that there are no special requirements for the OS
    to display full-motion video, and the entire video stream extension is
    transparent to the operating system.
--  Peripheral Support -- The connectivity solutions have no limitations
    with the devices tested at ClearCube. All USB devices tested and Common
    Access Card (CAC) systems have passed. This includes printers, USB drives,
    VoIP phones, Web cameras and USB to serial connectivity. Several Common
    Access Card (CAC) systems have also successfully passed.
--  Breaking the Distance Barrier -- The new hardware solution delivers
    the best experience over virtually unlimited distance. ClearCube utilizes
    Teradici's PC-over-IP technology to deliver a high-performance PC
--  Dual Core Processor Support -- The R1350 supports Intel's Core 2®
    Duo dual core processors. Core 2 Duo processors are powered by two
    execution cores in one package so they can offer improved performance in
    demanding, multiple application environments.
--  Microsoft Vista OS Capability -- Although Microsoft's new Vista
    operating system won't be released until Q1 of 2008 at the earliest, the
    R1350 blade will be "Vista-capable" from the day they begin shipping.
--  Compatible with Latest ClearCube Blades -- The new connectivity
    solutions can work with either a Quad-Core A1410 or a Dual-Core R1350.
    Using either option the user will be getting the latest in desktop
    processing power. These initially are for the higher-performance end-user,
    so the processors in the blades are higher-end.
--  Part of a complete solution from one vendor -- Customers can select
    ClearCube for a complete centralized desktop solution from one vendor,
    including the connectivity devices, the computing resource they attach to
    and the software that manages the devices.

Pricing and Availability

The new ClearCube hardware and connectivity products are available now. Contact ClearCube or one of its Channel Partners for pricing.

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