May 23, 2005 08:31 ET

Clearengine Launches on-Demand Presentation Application; Users Can Create Interactive, on-Demand Presentations with Just a Computer and a Phone

CALGARY, Canada--(CCNMatthews - May 23, 2005) -

Clearengine Allows Users at All Levels to Create, Manage, Deliver and Track Rich Communications for Their Target Audiences.

Users at all skill levels and in all types of organizations can create professional quality, interactive, on-demand web presentations using a new application launched today by Clearengine Corp. Delivered via a hosted service model, is the industry's most feature rich, affordable and easy-to-use on-demand web presentation solution. Users can be up and running instantly on Clearengine with only an Internet-connected computer and a phone.

On-demand is the fastest growing segment of the rich media communications space - and is expected to outpace even web conferencing services by six times according to Wainhouse Research. "Companies that have relied on live web conferencing have found it doesn't work well in all situations. For some it poses serious technical problems and can be difficult to manage - not to mention the cost," said Clearengine President, Paul Bzeta. "Users today want a solution that lets them create and deliver powerful and polished web presentations to more effectively communicate with their target audiences, whoever they may be. They don't want to wrestle with administration and set up and exorbitant service charges."

Clearengine is available in three editions to meet the needs of individual users and an Enterprise edition for company-wide rollouts:

-- Clearengine EXPRESS - 1 user seat, 30 presentation minutes, 1500 views

-- Clearengine PROFESSIONAL - 2 user seats, 60 presentation minutes, 1500 views

-- Clearengine BUSINESS - 3 user seats, 120 presentation minutes, 1500 views

-- Clearengine ENTERPRISE - Unlimited user seats and as many hours of content as required. ENTERPRISE subscriptions also feature administrative tools that enable team leaders to set up sub-accounts to coordinate, manage, track and analyze the distribution of presentations.

Instant ROI From a Robust Feature Set

Clearengine enables users to create fire-wall friendly, on-demand web presentations with streaming audio synchronized with PowerPoint slides, web pages, photos, documents and animations. All this without software to buy, downloads or set up fees. They simply upload a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or other supported file and add narration by phone. All versions come with:

Secure, Online Access 24/7
Automatic Flash Conversion of Slides
Default Templates
Color Customization
Branding with Client Logos
Table of Contents/Thumbnails
Link to Presentations from Web Site
Audience Feedback Option
Secure, Password Protection
Optional Custom Registration Pages
Track who Watched the Presentations
Presentation Merging
Unlimited Editing
Presentation Hosting

"The real value of this application is that it lets users deliver an impactful presentation without actually sitting in front of your audience," Bzeta continued. "It erases the cost associated with travel and unlike web conferencing or even in-person visits, users can take as much time as they need to develop and fine-tune their presentation before delivering it."

With Clearengine, users can:

-- Quickly and easily deliver partner and customer presentations

-- Launch new product lines to audiences around the globe

-- Improve time-to-market

-- Communicate with internal audiences to deliver time sensitive messages

-- Drive awareness without the time or expense of traveling

-- Increase and maintain mind-share - with customers, partners, media, analysts and shareholders

For those viewing the web presentation, Clearengine offers controls to locate the information they're most interested in. Clearengine facilitates audience follow up by tracking when viewers log on and sending the user an email notification.

A Powerful Tool for a Variety of Users

Sales people can use Clearengine to shorten sales cycles by sending targeted presentations to a broader audience, more quickly qualify prospects and close deals. They can also supplement in-person sales calls with personalized rich-media presentations or product demonstrations. Managers can send their teams presentations detailing new initiatives, pricing information, leads or quotas.

A senior agent at State Farm Insurance attests to the product's ease of use. "Clearengine is simple, friendly and easy-to-use. It frees me up to concentrate on what I really need to be doing, which is selling."

Marketing professionals can streamline internal and external communications and reach large audiences with a consistent message.

According to a marketing coordinator at Shell Group, "Before using Clearengine, we spent a lot of time and money to hire third parties to create presentations for us - and that didn't allow us to track viewers. Now we have the integration and the ease of use. Perfect."

Corporate trainers can quickly ramp up new employees and ensure existing employees are up to speed on the latest products and policies. Clearengine gives trainers the tools to create, manage and deliver informative training sessions to any employee at any time and it keeps track of who has been trained. Clearengine can also be used to train customers or partners through service presentations and demonstrations.

Finance professionals have a secure tool to communicate with customers, current and potential investors, financial institutions and executive management with Clearengine. They can deliver road show presentations to the press and investors without the travel expense.

"Once customers start using our hosted service, it escalates their demands to create a wide range of content," says Bzeta. "Our Software-as-a-Service model enables us to add new services and users quickly with no incremental cost to the customer. They only pay for what they need - a bottom-line value that they can appreciate immediately."

Clearengine is sold as a monthly subscription service starting as low as $99 dollars per month for individual users. Enterprise subscriptions start at $899 per month with unlimited users.

About Clearengine:

Clearengine Corporation provides an organization-wide business presentation toolset for individuals and companies inside and outside the Fortune 1000. Clearengine is an enterprise-class ASP hosted solution that makes it easy to create rich media presentations using the tools already on your desk: the telephone, and an Internet connection. As a fully scalable, secure and feature rich communications platform - Clearengine's service saves you time and money while improving the effectiveness of your communications. The company's seasoned management team is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Additional information about the company can be found at

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