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February 13, 2012 11:01 ET

CLEARRAY™ Makes Hot Tub Ownership Easy

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Sundance® Spas Make CLEARRAY UV-C Water Purification System a Standard in All 2012 Models

CHINO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 13, 2012) - Enjoying the health and wellness benefits of hydrotherapy has never been easier than with CLEARRAY. CLEARRAY is an exclusive hot tub water purification system based on a proven UV-C technology, which will be featured in all 2012 Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Sundance® Spas models.

The CLEARRAY water purification system for hot tubs takes hydrotherapy innovations to a whole new level. Sparked by consumer research and insights, the exclusive technology answers the No. 1 consumer barrier for ownership -- water care and maintenance -- by providing an easy way to keep water clean and clear.

The CLEARRAY system instantly treats 99.9 percent of waterborne pathogens and does not introduce chemicals, gases or byproducts into the hot tub water. Lab tests have validated that water treated with CLEARRAY maintained the same cleanliness level while using up to 50 percent less sanitizing chemicals. Using less sanitizing chemicals translates to less skin and eye irritation for bathers from chlorine- or bromine-based products. The water purification system is available as a factory-installed feature on every Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas hot tub model.

"CLEARRAY water purification technology is a milestone in the hot tub industry. We've seen the application of UV-C technology in consumer products and in commercial use, but this introduction marks a breakthrough for our industry," said Tracine Marroquin, director of marketing at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas. "Water care is now significantly easier, making hydrotherapy and all of its benefits more enjoyable, therefore increasing overall ownership satisfaction.

"All of the CLEARRAY consumer benefits made the technology an ideal fit for Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas, which are two brands that are recognized as hot tub industry leaders in innovation. With CLEARRAY as a standard feature at no additional cost, owning a hydrotherapy hot tub has never been easier or more appealing."

The CLEARRAY system uses UV-C light, a natural part of the electromagnetic energy spectrum generated by the sun, to disinfect water. UV-C light effectively modifies the DNA of waterborne pathogens to stop their reproduction. The system is a natural process that adds no byproducts or chemicals to the water. UV-C light is a proven and reliable water disinfectant used in consumer products and commercial industries, such as industrial and municipal water treatment plants, medical facilities, food and beverage production and aquaculture.

Unlike alternative water purification methods used for disinfecting hot tub water, such as ozone or salt systems that create gas or chemical additives, the CLEARRAY system simply exposes water to UV-C light after filtration and then returns the disinfected water to the hot tub.

The list of Jacuzzi hot tub models featuring CLEARRAY includes the J-LX Luxury Collection, J-400 Designer Collection, J-300 Signature Collection and J-200 Classic Collection. Sundance Spas models include the Select Series, 880 Series, 780 Series and 680 Series.

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